This course is designed to support instructors who are teaching elements of Euclidean geometry, from properties of triangles and circles to applications. This online course module gives instructors and teachers the ability to use and modify content to create an introductory online course in Euclidean geometry, problem-solving, proof skills, and logical reasoning. Developed by the University of Waterloo’s Center for Education in Mathematics and Computing, this course contains a multitude of topics and uses various digital channels to choose from, to deliver course content. Progressing from a video on the history of Euclid and the work, “The Elements,” to detailed visualizations of three-dimensional geometry, this Content Pack included with Möbius helps instructors and teachers pick, build, customize and enhance courses to engage and challenge students.

Topics Include

  • Basic Elements Angles Connecting Side lengths and Angles
  • Cevians Circumcentres Incentres and Orthocentres
  • Coordinates Area
  • Pythagorean Theorem Pythagorean Triples Polygons
  • The Euler Line and the Nine-point Circle 3D Geometry
  • Trigonometry Pi Chords Secants and Tangents

Course Structure


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