Which Online Education Product is Right for Me?

DigitalEd offers a complete suite of tools to support and enhance education in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. The information below is designed to help you choose the product that is best for you today. As your online education programs grow and evolve, you can move to the next level of service smoothly, maintaining all your custom-built content and student data.


Mobius Courseware

Want it all? Möbius Courseware is the comprehensive online courseware platform for creating and deploying online STEM courses. From individual lessons and textbook supplements, to full courses, remedial materials, enrichment content, outreach programs, and more, Möbius Courseware will help you provide an engaging, effective online learning experience for your students.

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Mobius Assessment

Truly assess student understanding through intelligent, authentic assessment. Möbius Assessment is a powerful online testing and assessment system designed especially for courses involving mathematics. Its unparalleled abilities allow instructors to truly assess student understanding of math-based concepts, making it ideal for any STEM course.

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Feature Comparison

Möbius Courseware Möbius Assessment
Deploys course notes, including videos, slide shows, interactive apps, text, graphs, and images  
Automated assessment: Formative assessment integrated into lessons  
Automated assessment: Homework, practice questions, placement, tests, exams
Access to free, customizable content
Custom content authoring All course materials Questions and assignments
Interactive Math Apps In lessons and questions In questions
Adaptivity For questions and assignments For questions and assignments
Powerful Maple™ mathematics engine
Integration with course management systems

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