What’s New in Möbius MAA Placement

Möbius MAA Placement leverages all the improvements found in
Möbius Assessment

Highlights are shown below. Visit What's New in Möbius to learn more.

Release 2017

  • Creating links between Möbius Assessment and many learning management systems is even easier because Möbius Assessment now supports the LTI Deep Linking/Content-Item Message (CIM) specification.
  • When a student opens an assignment, they are now presented with a summary of the assignment policies, such as the time limit and maximum number of attempts. The student can then choose to start the assignment or leave without penalty.
  • Numerous additions provide enhanced security, improved performance, and more flexible LTI connectivity.

Release 2016.1

  • New options for questions and assignments, including embedded videos and enhanced security options.
  • Improvements to content management that are a direct result of customer feedback.
  • Enhanced integration with course management systems with automated grade syncing of manually updated grades.
  • Numerous small enhancements and corrections across all areas of the product, providing improved responsiveness, more efficient load handling, and smoother workflow for instructors and students.

Release 2016

  • A redesigned authoring workflow that makes it faster and easier to create and modify questions and assignments.
  • A new content repository that makes it substantially easier to manage and search for content.
  • New built-in connectivity options for integration with course management systems.