for Möbius Platform

New Features/Enhancements
Update CKEditor to latest dot release
Allow question call from API call
Upgrade encryption used for passwords
Proctored Grade Authorization Policy in Assignment Editor
Option for displaying lesson/assignment start page
Summary Issue key Component/s
Lesson Menu on Mobile Should Be Collapsed MO-1521 Assignments / Lessons
Persist the Proctored Grade Authorization Policy To/From Course Modules MO-1517 Assignments / Lessons
Show Final Grade Option is only restricted as long as before the Restrict Feedback Until Option's Date MO-1779 Assignments / Lessons
Document Upload Rejected in Assignments Launched Through LTI MO-1620 Assignments / Lessons
Non-gradable Questions Are Added To Total Grade On Class Homepage MO-1619 Assignments / Lessons
Password Authorization Field Appears When Max Attempts At Zero & Exception is Requested MO-1587 Assignments / Lessons
View Details - Missing Spaces Between Question/Score & Their Values MO-1853 Assignments / Lessons
Last-edited List Drop-down response area not saving selection when clicking Next MO-1046 Assignments / Lessons
Import Window Should Return To Previously Accessed Panel TA-4013 Content Authoring
EdittingQuestion's details shows "Root group" and "Root Group" content should be at the top level TA-9005 Content Authoring
Math Expression Is Inserted Twice into Equation Editor when EQE Is Used for the First Time TA-8658 Content Authoring
Theme and Custom CSS are not applied to feedback and question when viewing grade while Previewing a question TA-8642 Content Authoring
Allow standalone MathApps in Mobius Assessment MO-1549 Content Authoring
Math App Question Is Graded Wrong After Switching Entry Mode On The Same Assignment Page TA-8741 Content Consumption
Sorting Empty Repository Pane Gives An Error Message TA-8783 Content Repository
Using Bulk Remove In Repository Root Leads To System Homepage TA-8225 Content Repository
Removing a question from the Root Group takes you to System Home page TA-8691 Content Repository
Question details shows 'Root Group' TA-6911 Content Repository
When you click Hide/Show for an assignment the eye symbol does not automatically update TA-5822 Content Repository
Internet Explorer - Content Repository Doesn't Display MO-1618 Content Repository
401 Error when sharing content on Mobius Cloud MO-1965 Content Repository
Redirected to System Homepage when clearing Information Fields Filter during Content Repository Column Search MO-1826 Content Repository
No Longer Able to Unshare/Remove From the Cloud MO-1633 Content Repository
Course modules export fields for disabled features MO-1613 Course Modules
Importing a course module containing a standalone Math App causes error in Mobius Assessment TA-8755 Course Modules
Standardize Time Zone Display TA-8948 Course Tools
Unintended behaviour in calendar widget with two courses open MO-1573 Course Tools
Calendar Is Visible To Anonymous Users TA-7302 Course Tools
Cannot close EQE dialog TA-9014 Equation Editor
Slideshow analytics dashboard TA-8382 Gradebook/Analytics
Content modules analytics dashboard TA-8380 Gradebook/Analytics
Users class level analytics dashboard TA-8379 Gradebook/Analytics
Theme and Custom CSS Not Applied to Questions in Gradebook TA-7044 Gradebook/Analytics
Grade Reports Showing Incorrect Percentages MO-1682 Gradebook/Analytics
Grade Report Reporting 0 for Assignments with Restrict Feedback Until MO-1642 Gradebook/Analytics
400 Error Sending Slideshow Analytics MO-722 Gradebook/Analytics
Instructor Can't See Students' Grade Report Results MO-1783 Gradebook/Analytics
WS API test page Does Not Handle Instances Without Contexts TA-8128 LTI / API / LDAP / Integrations
LTI users do not have an access token set up in the user context MO-1572 LTI / API / LDAP / Integrations
BB SaaS - Grades Not Pushed When Content-Item Messaging Enabled MO-103 LTI / API / LDAP / Integrations
CIM/Deeplinking of adaptive assignment fails MO-1720 LTI / API / LDAP / Integrations
Contact Us Form - Error When Submitting TA-8894 User Interface
Renaming the Master Class breaks the class list TA-8799 User Interface
LTI Field Mapping Page Should Display Priority Explanation TA-8770 User Interface
Change access patterns for User password MO-1534 Users / Roles / Licenses
Update class privileges for proctor role MO-1605 Users / Roles / Licenses
Default Administrator Account Should always have all privileges TA-7440 Users / Roles / Licenses

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