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New Features/Enhancements

Summary Issue key
Added User Tours. Students and Instructors are presented with brief guided tours of the user interface and key areas of the system to help them get up and running quickly. MO-2737
Added Class Schedule editor. Instructors are provided with a graphical view of all assignment and lesson start, end and feedback dates. Start and end dates can be dragged, the entire availability can be dragged, and multiple assignments and lessons can be adjusted simultaneously. MO-2587
Added Assignment Question Regrading. Instructors can automatically regrade students’ assignments using their existing responses and an updated version of a question. Instructors can choose which versions of questions to regrade and can choose to only apply updates to those students whose grades would increase. MO-2503
Added Equation Editor Syntax Checker. A brand new set of syntax highlighting for the equation editor that will help to guide students towards entering valid syntax. Known errors are highlighted and hints are provided. MO-1801
Added ability for administrators to apply purchase codes to accounts through the User Info page in the same way that users can already add purchase codes to their own account through the My Profile page. MO-2564
Added major update to our self hosted installation path which allows existing self hosted customers to use the latest complete build of Möbius. This self hosted installer creates an environment which runs a Docker image, controls licensing, updates existing builds of Möbius and Maple TA. MO-1871
Added protection against Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF). This protection blocks users from being forced to execute unwanted actions on a web application to which they are currently authenticated. MO-1674
Added the capability for the system to remember what unit was the focus on the Class Homepage. Upon exiting a module, all users will automatically return to the last viewed unit on the Class Homepage. MO-1533
Added the capability for users viewing modules to use URLs to specify the page of the module they wish to navigate to. UW-1187


Summary Issue key
Resolved issue where, upon applying a theme to an Interactive Narrative, using the New Slide drop-down menu would cause an error and change the styling of the editor. UW-1211
Resolved issue where clicking in a text area in the Interactive Narrative designer would not reliably place the cursor in the text area. UW-1195
Resolved issue where assignment View Details button was not visible after submitting an assignment for the case that a Restrict Feedback Date was set before an End Date. UW-1188
Updated use of h3 html elements for the Feedback header, and the Correct or Incorrect titles for the How Did I Do? hover to address accessibility concerns. Improperly used h3 elements have been replaced with a div that uses an h3 class for the same effect. UW-1169
Updated role privilege definitions to separate the ability to create a class and view the LTI mapping page. The Create Class privilege no longer controls viewing the LTI mapping page. Viewing the LTI mapping page is now controlled by the Create LTI Link role privilege. UW-1163
Resolved issue where importing a question containing algorithmic variables into an Interactive Narrative which already contains these algorithmic variables would cause conflicts. Repeated variables are now renamed upon import. UW-1123
Resolved issue where requests to view units on the Möbius Cloud would get stuck on a loading screen. MO-3396
Resolved issue where instances with millions of questions would hang when clicking Questions link in Content Repository. MO-3380
Resolved issue where certain Spanish characters were not displaying properly due to a change in encoding. MO-3364
Resolved issue where instances without context in URL would fail to export Free Body Diagram background images. MO-3225
Resolved issue where using a roster to search in Proctor Tools did not load a table of users. MO-3222
Updated name of Active Slideshow to Interactive Narrative. MO-3140
Updated Möbius Courseware product name to just Möbius to reflect change in Möbius platform from the former set of Assessment, Courseware, and Placement products. MO-3130
Resolved issue where infinity and -infinity were being marked as incorrect in Maple Graded Questions with Formula as the expression type. MO-3075
Resolved issue where checking the existence of Master Class content would fail and cause upgrade issues if this content was in another class. MO-2989
Resolved issue where Study Session Dialog Assignment grades were always incorrect regardless of student response. MO-2974
Resolved issue where an update to Firefox was causing points on plots to display abnormally in Math Apps. MO-2901
Resolved issue where module Advanced Policies were not parsing properly when using browsers with languages other than English. Advanced Policies now use localization. MO-2853
Resolved issue where double submission within a module would be caused by hitting Enter in a text field. Double submission would cause regeneration of question versions. Enter has now been blocked from affecting the page. MO-2849
Resolved issue where algorithm containing greater than symbol would be interpreted as the end of an HTML input tag, dumping the remainder of the algorithm string onto the page. MO-2820
Resolved issue where inherited assignments in child classes could not be printed as they can in parent classes. MO-2815
Resolved issue where users could perform unauthorized actions in the gradebook. MO-2805
Resolved issue where following an LTI link to a class homepage, taking a module (launched in new tab), and finally submitting it would close the new tab and cause the LMS page to go to the Möbius Class Homepage. Now the new tab containing the module will revert to the class homepage upon submission, as expected. MO-2715
Resolved issue where Grade Reports and their Group Names could only support up to 25 characters and would fail without a properly displayed error. Limit for name lengths increased to 255 characters, and errors now display appropriately. MO-2593
Resolved issue where unauthorized students could access assignment View Details page despite Restrict Feedback Until date. MO-2536
Resolved issue where Equation Editor tab and Symbolic entry mode in questions were not responding to keyboard input. MO-2516
Updated FF_SHOW_UNITS_MODULE_CLOSE to true so that, by default, upon exiting a module, all users will automatically return to the last viewed unit on the Class Homepage. MO-2468
Resolved issue where entering hypsin(x) in a Mathematical Formula response area and using the preview button would show null(x) instead of hypsin(x). MO-2391
Resolved issue where instructors managing students via roster CSV files would encounter errors if the required header strings in the roster file were not in English. The system will now check for the localized equivalents of the header strings upon reading the roster. MO-2390
Added new role privilege Create LTI Links to the Role Manager UI. MO-2386
Added new role privilege Create LTI Links as a default true for Instructor + Create and false for all other roles. MO-2385
Resolved issue where double-submission by pressing Enter on buttons on the assignment launch page would change variables used in the assignment. MO-2380
Resolved issue where upon registering a user from Register a User, users were sent to the User Search page, rather than returning to the Register a User page. MO-2222
Resolved issue where the View Details button at the end of an assignment would remain greyed out if the Restrict Feedback Until option was set, regardless of whether the Restrict Feedback date had passed. MO-2218
Resolved issue where files being uploaded were not respecting the Max Upload Size limit specified in System Settings. MO-1903
Resolved issue where Math Apps were not supporting logarithmic axes items that worked in Maple. MO-1880
Resolved issue where unintended removal of end of line spaces caused missing spaces between text items in the application. MO-1868
Resolved issue where External Assignments would appear in grade reports regardless of their completion status. The definition of External Assignments in the Gradebook is now In Progress when there is no grade entered, and Completed when a grade has been assigned. MO-1683
Resolved issue where user would encounter an Ajax error when attempting to share content from the Content Repository to the Möbius Cloud. MO-1632
Resolved issue where entries on the System Properties page such as Custom Header would be truncated if their contents were longer than 4000 characters. Character limits no longer apply. MO-1624
Resolved Chrome XSS (Cross Site Scripting) error that appeared when JavaScript was submitted in the Custom Header or Footer HTML sections of the System Settings page. MO-1604

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