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These features have been ADDED!

Issue Key Summary
MO-2767 Policy Sets are a set of defined properties that can now be applied to multiple activities instead of tediously modifying the properties for each activity individually. Policy Sets can be edited and any activities referencing them will automatically inherit these changes.
MO-3011 Regrade jobs will now run in the background while you continue to use Möbius. The Regrade Jobs page stores your regrade jobs and can be visited at any time to check on their progress.

These features have been IMPROVED!

Issue Key Summary
MO-2942 Instructors can bulk select and edit a subset of the dates in the Class Schedule such as all Start Dates, End Dates, Feedback Dates, or Force Grade Dates.
MO-2944 Instructors can adjust the date resolution of the Class Schedule page using zoom in/out buttons, in addition to pinch-to-zoom and mouse wheel actions.
MO-2945 Instructors can now bulk adjust selected dates on the Class Schedule page by applying an offset in days, weeks, months, years, minutes or hours. This makes it easier to roll courses over to a new semester or to adjust for scheduling changes.
MO-3011 Building on the regrading feature introduced in 2019.1 this update introduces user interface improvements, improved question compatibility messaging, improved status messaging and improved error handling.
MO-3087, 3486, 3487, 3489, 3490, 3491, 3498, 3499, 3503, 4215, 4229 Variety of security enhancements.
MO-3679 Added a new column to the activity selection table when creating a grade report group that organizes activities by unit, and displays activities in the order they would be shown on the class homepage.
MO-3680 Added a new default view for instructors looking at grade reports called "Student View". This view is identical to what students would be shown and functions by omitting "Active Assignments".
MO-3788 Grade reports now provide clearer error messages and descriptions of issues associated with improperly creating grade reports or their groups. Successful saves of grade reports are now indicated with a banner at the top of the page.
MO-4220 Disabled the "Report to Administrator" button in the Question Designer due to administrators no longer controlling content in GCP hosting.
MO-4464 Added a second confirmation and improved messaging to the workflow when deleting assignments to make it clear that this operation is permanent.
MO-4567 Updated Privacy Policy wording.
MO-4724 Updated messaging for the warning shown when users attempt to access Möbius through LTI in an iframe when third-party cookies are disabled. Messaging now leads to a help page that explains updated browser restrictions on the use of third-party cookies.
UW-1238 Removed the "Save" button and renamed the "Quit & Save" button to "Quit" in activities when using "Anonymous Access".

These bugs have been FIXED!

Issue Key Summary
MO-2016 Resolved issue where grade reports could be saved with an empty report name.
MO-2030 Resolved issue where mousing over brand new calendar events would not show all information initially put into the event.
MO-2136 Resolved issue where images in content that was cloned into your class would end up with a different file browser path than that which was featured in the content.
MO-2952 Resolved issue where a user with user creation permissions could create accounts with invalid emails when using a roster for bulk account creation.
MO-2980 Resolved issue where manually editing the grade of a part of a question would cause unexpected gradebook behaviour.
MO-3117 Resolved issue where user tours mentioned items on pages that users may not have permissions to interact with.
MO-3121 Resolved issue where highlighting regions of user tours in the content repository extended past the frame objects were contained in.
MO-3122 Resolved issue where users would see two highlighted regions in the system homepage user tour if they were both and instructor in one course and a student in another.
MO-3146 Resolved issue where common variable names originating from multiple questions put into the same slideshow would not be renamed properly to become distinct.
MO-3169 Resolved issue where user tours would not recognize that a tour had been disabled or completed upon returning to the page containing them using the browser back button.
MO-3170 Resolved issue where turning off javascript in the browser would allow for account creators to input invalid email addresses.
MO-3173 Resolved issue where class list dialogue of the system homepage user tour was covering the items it was referring to.
MO-3180 Resolved issue where class schedule user tour would not properly point to UI elements if the class had no lessons or assignments.
MO-3302 Resolved issue where attempting to edit class info when accessing Möbius through an LTI link would result in a 404.
MO-3372 Resolved issue where user tour dialog would overlap the session timeout dialogue.
MO-3381 Resolved issue where upon using the "Add To" button in the content repository the resulting modal would feature a panel that contained an infinite number of entries called "Root."
MO-3389 Resolved issue where using Proctor Tools to provide re-entry permission on an assignment that is past the end date and has visibility limited by dates would not allow a student to close and re-open the assignment.
MO-3394 Resolved issue with Proctor Tools where authorizing a student to re-enter or attempt an assignment that did not originally have an end date would apply an end date of December 31st 1969.
MO-3419 Resolved issue where lists of content in the content repository's panels would not extend to the full height possible.
MO-3505 Resolved issue where class schedule was displaying times rather than the day intervals that were expected.
MO-3557 Resolved issue where missing syntax checker highlighting rules would cause students to see an error message rather than the equation editor.
MO-3559 Resolved issue where students connecting via an API would be logged out of the system when accepting the privacy policy.
MO-3568 Resolved issue where class schedule tool would not refresh the redo stack upon a new operation, causing confusion about what would actually happen when hitting undo.
MO-3576 Resolved issues where resizing the page during a user tour would cause delays when rendering the page for the new size, and where modals would cover the elements they were pointing at.
MO-3582 Resolved issues with user tours on smartphones would bounce back to highlighted elements
MO-3607 Resolved issue where upon instance upgrade question current revisions could be determined incorrectly when two revisions shared the same most recent timestamp for the last time they were modified.
MO-3656 Resolved issue where class schedule would collapse all activities in Safari upon dragging the timeline.
MO-3678 Resolved issue where content repository panels would have an active view field that extended behind and below buttons found at the bottom of the panel
MO-3743 Resolved issue where grade report "Non-Attempt" option "Ignore" would ignore legitimate submitted grades of 0 as if they were a non-attempt.
MO-3765 Resolved issue where a user could interact with the reset user tour functionality before certain components were instantiated.
MO-3766 Resolved issue where adaptive assignments that are controlled by an algorithmic adaptive policy would revert to basic grading when force graded or submitted without reaching the end of the assignment. Solved by adding the ability to return a custom score as well as a branch index for flexibility at each iteration of the algorithm.
MO-3781 Resolved issue where the default URL for the License Webstore Page field found on the System Admin > System Settings page was incorrect.
MO-3794 Resolved issue where a user would encounter an application error when trying to access a class anonymously when anonymous access is on at the instance level but off at the class level.
MO-3830 Resolved issue where the "Non-Attempts" option "Mark as Zero" was not marking non-attempts as zero.
MO-3854 Resolved issue where "How Did I Do?" button was not appearing for users answering Legacy Matrix type questions.
MO-3869 Resolved issue where grade reports would have discrepancies between the student's grade total and the same student's total as seen by an instructor if external assignments were present.
MO-3996 Resolved issue where instructors could not submit regraded grades that were not between zero and one before regrading, which can arise due to manual grading.
MO-4019 Resolved issue where LTI linking page would only feature 300 activities even if a class contained more than 300 activities.
MO-4047 Resolved intermittent issue where the default interactive narrative "Title" and "Content" entry areas did not appear in a new interactive narrative
MO-4049 Resolved issue where a student account that was not yet validated would encounter an unauthorized message when validating from within a class directly accessed through a URL.
MO-4055 Resolved issue where an activity found in more than one unit in a class would cause the class schedule tool to be blank.
MO-4064 Resolved issue where the assignment end date was being confused with the restrict feedback until date if the restrict feedback date was left unset. In this case students could not properly view assignment details until the end date.
MO-4116 Resolved issue where using the percent sign, %, in a question algorithm would cause an application error upon saving and attempting to reload the saved question.
MO-4244 Resolved issue where "Next Unit" and "Previous Unit" buttons were still appearing on LTI-launched activities.
MO-4296 Resolved issue where creating a new theme and saving it would result in two identical themes appearing in the content repository.
MO-4370 Resolved issue where activities launched through API returned to Class Homepage instead of closing the window.
MO-4382 Resolved issue where HTML questions were appearing cut off due to a small iframe that was not obeying the frame dimensions set by the author.
MO-4488 Resolved issue where a user interacting with elements highlighted in a user tour could hide the user dialogue and corresponding controls, making it look like they cannot proceed.
MO-4489 Resolved issue where different rounding formats would make it appear that regrading was changing a grade in some situations.
MO-4516 Resolved issue where adding a new response to a multiple choice/selection question would result in a grade incorrectly changing to 0.
MO-4531 Resolved issue where the "Properties" tab in the Assignment Editor was called "Set Policies.
MO-4545 Resolved issue where HTML question types were having trouble loading correctly in adaptive questions.
MO-4588 Resolved issue where Möbius would not recognize that users had completed a license purchase and would then prompt them to make a purchase again.
MO-4605 Resolved issue where HTML question types were having trouble communicating with the CDN in adaptive questions.
MO-4696 Resolved issue where LTI launches would no longer check for the availability of cookies in the accessing user's browser.
MO-4725 Resolved issue where, under certain circumstances, some users may be able to see unexpected user grades in their Grade Report or Gradebook.
UW-1238 Resolved issue where numeric responses requiring significant digits would give incorrect scores when grading an answer of 0.

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