for Möbius Platform

These features have been ADDED!

Name Summary
N/A High-quality Content Packs are now available as pre-authored lessons, assignments, and Policy Sets that are ready to deploy to students.
N/A The user online help documentation has been remodelled with task-focused instructions and informative screenshots.
MO-4227 Updated Policy Sets to include the Maximum Attempts property. This allows for bulk management of allowed maximum attempts across many activities and classes.

These features have been IMPROVED!

Issue Key Summary
MO-5152 Updated export tools to preserve unit ordering when exporting units using a Course Module.
MO-5153 Updated Course Module exports to remember group weights when imported into new classes.
MO-5155 Updated units, activities, question groups, and questions to maintain their listed order from the Content Repository when exported as Course Modules. This order is now also retained upon import into another class or organization.
MO-5244 Updated “sum of parts” calculations in Gradebook’s Question Details pane to inform user if “sum of parts” calculation has been overridden by a custom total grade for the question.
MO-5314 Updated the workflow for importing Content Packs into a class.
MO-5319 Updated the Course Module cloning panel in the Content Repository to no longer have a Share button for Content Packs.
MO-5357 Updated Starter Bundle Content Pack clone completion dialogue to lead to a more intuitive location within the current class
MO-5358 Updated Starter Bundle Content Pack Source pane to Course Modules before any other content.
MO-5370 Security enhancements.
MO-5478 Updated export tools to preserve unit ordering when exporting units without a Course Module.
MO-5538 Updated export tools to preserve question group ordering when exporting question groups without a Course Module.
MO-5783 Security enhancements.

These bugs have been FIXED!

Issue Key Summary
MO-2018 Resolved issue where upon editing the grade value in an annotation within the Gradebook, the "Partial Grades" sum would not update.
MO-4310 Resolved issue where users could encounter an "application error" after grading an adaptive question containing a Math App.
MO-4478 Resolved issue where the click and hold action to deselect an activity in the Class Schedule was interfering with the click and drag functionality if dragging was not initiated in less than one second. Click and hold to deselect duration has been increased.
MO-4740 Resolved issue where the "initialize()" function in an HTML question would not always be called before other functions.
MO-4788 Resolved issue where users with a null display name were unable to start activities.
MO-4839 Resolved issue where creating free body diagram questions (and in some cases, adding/drawing forces in free body diagram questions) would not work on IE and Chrome.
MO-5081 Resolved issue where rosters with empty emails were causing roster update failures due to strict email validation.
MO-5178 Resolved issue where edits to annotations in the Gradebook were not reflected in the information provided in the mouseover preview.
MO-5186 Resolved issue where a question viewed as an annotated response within the Gradebook would not display the applied theme.
MO-5256 Resolved issue where the class list on the LTI Link Mapping page was omitting classes if the class's primary instructor was a custom instructor-type role.
MO-5270 Resolved issue where over-active filtering would remove images from description fields.
MO-5287 Resolved issue where the launch page was omitting the name of the activity being launched.
MO-5398 Resolved issue where password-locked activities would show password authorization in locations where they should not.
MO-5524 Resolved issue with roster imports where the Null attribute could no longer be used to remove emails from user accounts or create users with no email.
MO-5547 Resolved issue where cloning a piece of content into a class twice would cause an image (that appeared fine upon initial cloning) to no longer be visible in the second clone.

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