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These features have been ADDED!

Name Summary
N/A The Activity Grading View of the Grade Manager is a new Gradebook interface that improves the grading workflow with enhanced feedback messaging, progress indicators, commenting abilities, layout, and navigation.
N/A Content Templates have been added with over 200 pre-built questions that can be immediately implemented and customized within a course.
N/A Möbius now supports LTI 1.3 which has all of the features that existing LTI users have come to expect alongside increased security and laying the groundwork for full LTI Advantage implementation in future releases.
N/A Institutions using certified SAML Identity Providers can now link to Möbius’s Service Provider allowing sign on into Möbius via the user’s institution account to take advantage of increased security and ease of access.

These features have been IMPROVED!

Issue Key Summary
N/A The Möbius user registration workflow has been remodelled with reduced user text entry and enhanced security, identity validation, messaging, and feedback.
N/A An improved class enrollment interface where students can easily enroll into Möbius classes simply by clicking Class Links given to them by their instructors. Instructors have more fine-grained control when editing the class’s details for defining who is able to self-enroll into their class.
MO-4104 Improved accessibility of login page, registration form, add user form, and class search form by adding appropriate links between entry fields and their descriptive labels in the user interface.
MO-4552 Added the ability to track when users first logged in for licensing purposes.
MO-5238 Removed the ability to select an outdated Maple option from the System Settings page.
MO-6272 Updated the manual grading indicators in the existing Gradebook and new Grade Manager to be more descriptive and to avoid an association with correctness indicators.
MO-6273 Security enhancements.
MO-6332 Added a User Tour for the Activity Grading View of the Grade Manager.
MO-6333 Added ability for DigitalEd to track Content Pack usage and manipulation.
MO-6683 Removed certain text and prompts within the Webstore to reflect the changes made to the user registration workflow.
MO-6958 Security enhancements.

These bugs have been FIXED!

Issue Key Summary
MO-2013 Resolved issue where symbols rendered in the student response preview mode were incorrectly rendered in the Mathematical Formula - Chemical Equation subtype.
MO-2394 Resolved issue where filed references within the algorithm weren’t being included in Course Module exports.
MO-2854 Resolved issue where partial grades given to parts of a question could exceed the weight of the question part
MO-3152 Resolved issue where HTML question types would intermittently display incorrectly when instantiating the question.
MO-3265 Resolved issue where comments for grade edits weren’t being saved to the database.
MO-3555 Resolved issue where List questions with text entry wouldn’t react well if the student response included a leading or trailing space.
MO-4134 Resolved issue where Choose Instructor page would load all users in the instance before search criteria could be specified.
MO-4389 Resolved issue where default Interactive Narrative name was “Slideshow”.
MO-5166 Resolved issue where reserved terms in HTML comments in the source of Interactive Narratives would hide Interactive Narrative controls and result in errors.
MO-5181 Resolved issue where plotting with custom MLA libraries wasn't working in MapleNet 2019.1.
MO-5355 Resolved issue where after a large upload of content, search indexing would require large amounts of memory.
MO-5467 Resolved issue where IP restriction lists were limited to 500 characters—it’s now unlimited.
MO-5695 Resolved issue where session timeout warnings were doubling up in the Gradebook.
MO-5787 Resolved issue where Starter Bundle source wasn’t staying fixed in its order in the Sources pane of the Content Repository.
MO-5804 Resolved issue where order of units in the Content Repository and the order of activities within these units wouldn’t be properly reflected on the Class Homepage.
MO-5852 Resolved issue where essay response areas with the grading status of “To be Reviewed” couldn’t be updated if the student never interacted with the response area during their attempt.
MO-5853 Resolved issue where a question with multiple response areas requiring manual grading would be taken out of "To Be Reviewed" status if only one of the regions requiring manual grading was awarded a grade by manual grading.
MO-5855 Resolved issue where 0 weight questions in “To Be Reviewed” status required a grade to be entered that was greater than 0 to update them to “Reviewed” status.
MO-5913 Resolved issue where variable $RESPONSE was no longer being accepted in the answer field of Maple-graded questions.
MO-5957 Resolved issue where Adaptive Assignments generated an application error in the Gradebook.
MO-5989 Resolved issue where math was not being correctly rendered by skins.
MO-6027 Resolved issue where class enrollment and user registration pages were given the wrong names.
MO-6041 Resolved issue where users could not right-click within an active activity. Also improved copying of MathML in active activities.
MO-6067 Resolved issue where new users weren’t required to enter in a first and last name which led to application errors.
MO-6104 Resolved white space issue between text elements when an essay question response was annotated.
MO-6160 Resolved issue where unseen questions would lock an activity attempt with "To Be Reviewed" status.
MO-6242 Resolved issue where changing a non-gradable element to a gradable element wouldn’t add a default weight to the item inside an activity.
MO-6282 Resolved issue where List questions authored as drop-down wouldn’t retain the selected value when navigating away and then returning to the question in an assignment with "Allow Resubmit" enabled.
MO-6314 Resolved issue where regrading a question with no additional question revisions would ignore manual grading changes.
MO-6331 Resolved issue where the table layout on the Edit LTI Configurations page could break when using certain display resolutions with Firefox.
MO-6346 Resolved issue where the Advanced Policies button in an Activity Editor would disappear if there were active attempts. Advanced Policies can now be modified while attempts are active.
MO-6411 Resolved issue where submitting a class name that’s already in use within the instance would navigate the user to the System Homepage.
MO-6446 Resolved minor typo in grade history.
MO-6448 Resolved issue where long student-facing comments would spill out of the allotted region.
MO-6543 Resolved issue where a student who dropped a class with open enrollment couldn’t self-enroll into that class again.
MO-6568 Resolved issue where some Starter Bundle content wouldn’t load due to privacy settings.
MO-6570 Resolved issue where students accessing multiple activities via LTI may encounter information not pertaining to their current activity while viewing their submission details.
MO-6587 Resolved issue where exporting a question group and then importing it into the same class would cause an application error.
MO-6636 Resolved issue where the instructor's view of a single student's details didn’t display manual grading progress indicators.
MO-6660 Resolved issue where "Limit Visibility by Advanced Policies" didn’t work when applied via a Policy Set.
MO-6667 Resolved issue where cloning a Course Module containing a question associated with a subject would result in an error.
MO-6692 Resolved issue where switching entry mode within a question (such as Mathematical Formula or Maple-graded Formula Syntax) would force the student to the top of the page.
MO-6695 Resolved accessibility issue where user fields on account registration page weren’t marked as required.
MO-6717 Resolved issue where launch page setting option wasn't changing to match restrictions normally enforced by the newly selected activity type in Internet Explorer.
MO-6747 Resolved issue where searching in the Gradebook would trigger an application error if the user being searched is missing a required value for that custom field.
MO-6759 Resolved issue where pages featured inaccurate URL paths for the action being performed.
MO-6760 Resolved issue where page names featured inaccurate titles and labels.
MO-6799 Resolved issue where adaptive questions containing an Equation Editor took a long time to switch entry modes and grade problems.
MO-6813 Resolved issue where manually updating licensing terms wouldn’t update the expiry values for users in the Möbius user interface.
MO-6887 Resolved issue where a significant digit update was corrupting old responses.
MO-6904 Resolved issue where pop-ups would appear underneath their parent pop-up.
MO-6933 Resolved issue where emails for proctoring issues wouldn’t send in some situations.
MO-6938 Resolved issue where HTML questions in Internet Explorer sometimes wouldn’t fully render.
MO-7010 Resolved issue where HTML questions would generate browser console error messages and could hang the browser.
MO-7319 (2020.1.1) Resolved issue where instructors of a class using the Class Link to enter their class would have their class role changed to a student role.

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