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These features have been ADDED!

Issue Key Summary
MO-4088 Accessibility is an increasingly important topic in the online world. DigitalEd is working on their commitment to accessibility by identifying and treating the holes found in Möbius' accessibility features. The fixes included in the package of this work aim to resolve accessibility issues and identify the exceptions to consider for a WCAG 2.0 AA accessibility student experience.

These features have been IMPROVED!

Issue Key Summary
MO-3090 Added Bypass Blocks to the platform for WCAG 2.0 AA accessibility. Users can now skip the main navigation bar via the first tabbable item on the page.
MO-3509 Security enhancements.
MO-4089 Added the ability for screen readers to access the correctness indicators and feedback while reviewing the "How Did I Do?" feedback.
MO-4090 Improved screen reader user experience by updating the heading hierarchy in the platform for the System Homepage.
MO-4092 Added the ability to gain visible focus on "How Did I Do?" and "Try Another" within activities.
MO-4094 Added language attributes to all pages in the platform for WCAG 2.0 AA accessibility. Screen readers will use this information to improve reading of localized system languages.
MO-4095 Improved accessibility by adding proper focus indicators and statuses to the navigation bar.
MO-4099 Improved screen reader user experience by adding descriptive tooltips and accessibility labels to activity progress indicators on the Class Homepage.
MO-4774 Added improved capabilities for Chinese deployment.
MO-6043 Removed the functionality to set or use Legacy MapleNet as the MathApp, Compute, or Plotting engines used by an instance.
MO-6142 Added the “Grant Additional Time” permission as a separate setting from the “Start” permission in Proctor tools.
MO-6655 Improved localization support and screen reader support by allowing browser language to influence the language settings in emails originating from the platform.
MO-6658 Improved screen reader user experience by updating user tour placement in DOM and handling.
MO-6664 Improved screen reader user experience by updating heading hierarchy in platform UI for the Class Homepage.
MO-6665 Improved screen reader recognition and interpretation of formatted math rendered via MathJax.
MO-6676 Added the ability for plotmaple calls to recognize maple plot command captions and include them as HTML img alt-text.
MO-6752 Improved screen reader user experience by updating heading hierarchy in platform UI for all activity types.
MO-6832 Added an autosave feature for responses entered in the final moments of timed assignments to ensure responses aren’t lost if the assignment time expires before the student clicked to submit their attempt.
MO-6846 Added base role type to the analytics stream so that custom roles can be resolved as student, instructor, or administrator type.
MO-6963 Removed legacy CDN controls from System Properties page since CDN connection is now required for operation.
MO-6971 Updated default Terms of Use and Privacy Policy setting to enable it for all instances and update the document that’s shown.
MO-7007 Security enhancements.
MO-7142 Added revised and updated translations to the platform for simplified Chinese. Updates cover all platform changes since last translation performed in 2017, as well as the updated Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

These bugs have been FIXED!

Issue Key Summary
MO-2485 Resolved issue where activity heading hierarchy could be thrown off by h3 elements within the "How Did I Do?" feedback popover.
MO-2558 Resolved issue where essay response areas wouldn’t load for students when the browser language was set to Korean.
MO-4904 Resolved issue where a compatible revision of a multiple choice question would result in an error upon regrading if the multiple choice answer was algorithmic.
MO-5337 Resolved issue where activity force grade dates would appear to be active in the UI but not actually be set in the activity if it was exported and then imported to a new class.
MO-6604 Resolved issue where encoding of accented characters in student names were causing issues with generating valid licenses.
MO-6779 Resolved issue where MathJax-rendered MathML was being duplicated in the annotated response view of essays in the Gradebook.
MO-6790 Resolved issue where students attempting to upload files via "Document Upload" couldn’t do so in an adaptive question when using Google Chrome™.
MO-7044 Resolved issue where "Limit Visibility by Dates" property within a Policy Set wasn’t recognizing date restrictions.
MO-7133 Resolved issue where changing the licensing expiry date to a historical date wouldn't update in the Möbius UI.
MO-7281 Resolved issue where custom system roles were being applied as class roles for users connecting via LTI.
MO-7319 Resolved issue where instructors of a class using the Class Link to enter their class would have their class role changed to a student role.
MO-7397 Resolved issue where a change to the LTI 1.3 service caused proxy of JWK-related requests to stop working.
MO-7433 Resolved issue where manually gradable questions containing Maple-graded response areas weren’t reflecting the appropriate question state once all sections were graded.
MO-7434 Resolved issue where the Proctor Tools option of “Grant Additional Time” would be unavailable if a time limit was set with a Policy Set.
MO-7443 Resolved issue where clicking "Next Unit Item" from within a lesson accessed through an LTI class homepage link wouldn't show the next item's launch page.
MO-7460 Resolved issue where navigating to a lesson in an anonymous access class via a direct link would cause users to encounter an application error if a session cookie wasn’t acquired via the log in page.
MO-7479 Resolved issue where the "Log in with your Möbius account" button didn’t gain focus via tabbing on instances with SAML enabled.
MO-7514 Resolved issue where users with a system role with higher privileges than the default class role would be enrolled into a class as a student when using the Class Link.
MO-7524 Resolved issue where SAML service wasn’t accepting additional authentication contexts from IdP.
MO-7528 Resolved issue where browsing Math Apps through the Content Templates source wouldn’t allow you to preview a Math App without first performing an import.
MO-7621 Resolved issue where encrypted SAML responses weren’t accepted. Both encrypted and unencrypted responses are now accepted.
MO-7662 Reverted change introduced in 2020.0 which added normalization to adaptive question total grade calculations to prevent grades from exceeding 1.
MO-7674 Resolved issue where, by default, instances were using an outdated email setting which sent emails in plain text rather than formatted HTML.
MO-7750 Resolved issue where using the “How Did I Do?” function to review responses would prevent those responses from being able to be submitted for grading.
MO-7754 Resolved issue where help link on revert email page was no longer leading to the correct location.
MO-7764 Resolved issue where unseen questions that require manual grading were given "To be reviewed" status instead of “Completed” status.
MO-7775 Resolved issue where Creation Date calendar wasn’t functional when performing a class search.
MO-7902 Resolved issue where legacy fill-in-the-blank questions were causing an error when rendered.

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