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Something for Everyone: Highlights of the Möbius Online Help

Möbius Online Help offers a variety of resources to assist students, instructors, authors, and administrators in getting the most out of our learning platform.
Chelsea Ranville
Chelsea Ranville
Product Marketing Manager

What’s your style for learning how to use Möbius? Whatever it is, our modernized Möbius Online Help has got you covered! It contains some great task-based resources to support you in getting your Möbius work done…

To start, you know how people always say that if you have a question, you probably aren’t the only one with that question? It’s true! Check out the always-growing Möbius FAQs for students, instructors, and authors.

Maybe you’re one of those learners who needs to see something demonstrated before you tackle it for yourself. If so, the expanding inventory of student, instructor and author, and administrator Möbius Video Guides are there to walk you through specific Möbius tasks.

Perhaps you’re more of a to-do list kind of person. You know, where you get that deep sense of satisfaction by striking something off of a list? We get it. Keep track of your progress with the downloadable, interactive checklists of the New User Training Courses that are available to students, instructors, authors, and administrators.

Just want quick access to some key help topics? The Möbius Online Help landing pages for students, instructors and authors, and administrators are designed to display the most popular help topics that users want to know about.

But what if you only care about how to do task X? You can find out how by performing a keyword search from any page in the Möbius Online Help. On the off chance that you can’t find what you’re looking for, or maybe something within the help system needs improvement (sometimes we make mistakes—you know how humans are), we want to know about it! Please provide us with your detailed feedback using the Feedback button along the right margin of every help topic.

These help resources are designed for you, and we’ll continually strive to improve them so that your journey of using the most advanced online STEM learning platform is nurtured.