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The All-New Möbius Community: Connect and Collaborate!

Chelsea Ranville
Chelsea Ranville
Product Marketing Manager

Discover the all-new, free-to-use Möbius Community

You know those game shows where you can ask the audience for help to get the right answer? You can now do the same with the all-new Möbius Community, where the audience is other Möbius users from across the globe!

There are no cash prizes for these correct answers (sorry!), but what you’ll get instead is insightful and powerful collaboration from an incredible knowledge pool made up of Möbius users—just like you—who come from a range of STEM discipline backgrounds, and have wonderful expertise with different aspects of the Möbius platform.

What is it?

The all-new Möbius Community is a free-to-use Slack* workspace where you can type your comment or question into different themed channels to talk about all things Möbius in real-time with other Möbius users!

*You might be wondering: “What is ‘Slack’?” Don’t fret! We wouldn’t have picked it if it was going to be tough to work with. It’s a simple-to-use online messaging app. Accessing it is a breeze (it’s free, logging in is easy with your email and password, and if you have an internet connection, you can use Slack!), it’s super intuitive to navigate, it’s great as an inclusive and collaborative space. Oh—and it has super fun emojis to go along with your messages! We are BIG FANS of emojis🤩.

Who is it for?

The Community is for instructors, professors, proctors, content designers, IT administrators—anyone at an institution involved in making Möbius and its content available to students!

Note for students: if you’re reading this and want to know where to ask your questions to get human responses, our fabulous Customer Support Team is still there for you as always!

What is it for?

The Community is a friendly and inclusive space to connect with other Möbius users to:

  • Ask questions (i.e. My grading code isn’t working. Can someone help me?)
  • Discuss best practices (i.e. When creating a lesson, it’s usually best to…)
  • Share tips (i.e. Did you know that when working with Maple code…)
  • Explain how-tos (i.e. Step 3 of the “Author a question” help topic shows that you can…)
  • Collaborate on content (i.e. Who else is teaching Calculus? Look at this question I built. What do you think?)
  • And MORE!

There’s even a place in the Community to exchange ideas about STEM and higher education (i.e. Has anyone read the latest article about asynchronous teaching methods?).

How do I sign up?

The more great minds we have in the Möbius Community, the better it will be for everyone!

Register with your institution email address and we’ll create an account for you!

Be sure to review the Möbius Community Guidelines, too, for reminders of how to use this space.

Let the connection and collaboration begin!