Choose a Maple-graded question sub-type

There are two sub-types to choose from when authoring a Maple-graded question:

  • Formula
  • Maple Syntax

The maple-graded question sub-types are defined by the expression type that you select during question authoring.

TIP: Check out Author a Maple-graded question for full question authoring details.

Maple-graded questions overall are ideal for:

  • More sophisticated grading routines (including partial grading) through Maple code
  • Accepting a wider range of mathematical expressions as responses
  • Questions with more than one answer or an infinite number of answers
  • Questions requiring a powerful response-equivalence checker

TIP: Existing knowledge of the Maple language will help you to author Maple-graded questions. Check out Maple syntax from the Maple online help site.

TIP: Check out View example Maple grading code for help with authoring custom grading code for your Maple-graded questions.

Use the following comparative table to help determine which Maple-graded question sub-type is ideal for the question you want to author:

CharacteristicFormula sub-typeMaple syntax sub-type
Where can I learn more about specifically authoring this Maple-graded question sub-type?Author a formula (Maple-graded) sub-typeAuthor a Maple syntax sub-type
Is the Maple engine used to grade student responses?YESYES

Should the question statement explicitly state when Maple syntax is required by student responses?


Does the student need to know Maple commands to answer a question that explicitly requires text entry mode and Maple syntax?

Is the Syntax Checker only available if the student is using symbolic entry mode?YESYES
Can the student choose whether they want to enter their response in text entry mode or symbolic entry mode?YESNO

As the question author, you restrict whether the student has to use text entry mode or symbolic entry mode.


TIP: To allow students to be marked correct for entering exp(x) or e^x, be sure to author your Maple-graded question as a formula sub-type (by setting the Expression Type to Formula). You'll then use the following grading code:

Copy this code

The Maple syntax sub-type won't accept both of these answers since only responses in Maple form are accepted.