Student Access FAQ

Student Access FAQ

My instructor told me I need to purchase an account for the Maplesoft testing system. What do I do?

Your instructor should have given you a promotion code. In the web store, enter the promotion code in the space provided. This will bring you to a catalog containing the account you need to purchase (for example, Student Access - Möbius Assessment). Add the item to your cart and proceed to the checkout to complete the purchase.

Upon completion, you will be sent an email containing a login, password, and web address where you can go to take the tests or assignments required by your instructor or school.

I have my login information. Now what?

Go to the web site listed in the email you received after you purchased the account. You will be presented with a login screen. Enter your login and password. The first time you log in, you will be asked to provide your personal information, such as your name and student number. This information is required by your school in order to ensure you receive credit for the tests and assignments you complete.

Note: You can change your password, but you cannot change your login. Don’t lose it!

Once you have updated your information, you will be taken to the system home page. This is the page you will see every time you log in to the system. From there, click on the link for your class.

From the class home page, you can access your required tests and assignments, check assignment due dates, and if allowed by your instructor, review your grades.

How do I take a test or complete an assignment?

From the class homepage, click the name of a test or assignment.

You will be shown one question at a time. You can use the Next and Back links at the bottom of the page to navigate between questions, or jump to a question directly using the Question Menu. When you are finished answering the questions, click on Submit Assignment. If you accidentally missed any questions, you will have the opportunity to go back and answer them before the grading is completed. Once you have answered all of the questions you intend to answer (you can skip questions if you want), click on Submit Assignment again.

After your work has been graded, you will be shown a page containing a “Grade Report” section. The Submit Assignment option will no longer be available from the menu. If you still see the Submit Assignment option, your assignment has not been graded. After you have completed all the questions you want to answer, click on Submit Assignment again to complete the process.

For more details on taking assignments, see the Working with Assignments section in the help system. Click the Help link in the top right of the screen.

How do I enter math?

Your assignments may consist of various types of questions, including multiple choice and mathematical response. Since it is possible to write equivalent mathematical expressions in different ways, this system automatically checks to see if your response is mathematically equivalent to the correct answer, and not just identical to the expected answer. For example, is the same as and is the same as .

There are two different ways of entering mathematical expressions.

  • The system default mode is Text Mode, in which you enter symbolic or numeric math expressions in a simple keyboard notation, much like a graphing calculator. To verify that you have entered the expression correctly, you can use the Preview option to check how the expression looks when it is formatted. Don’t forget the parentheses! For example, the expression 1/(x+1) is different from 1/x+1, which the system interprets as (1/x)+1.

  • You can also use the Symbol Mode, which allows you to enter formulas using the Equation Editor, select algebraic symbols and operators from a palette, and see your expressions appear in standard mathematical layout as you type. Click a palette entry to insert that symbol or click the plaette group to expand it.

    You can change math entry modes using the Change Math Entry Mode option at the bottom of the question.

Can I complete part of an assignment, and then come back and finish it later?

As long as it is finished before the assignment due date, yes.

You can save your work at any time using the Quit & Save menu option. When you come back to the assignment, your previous responses will be present and you can continue from where you left off.

Your instructor may have set a due date on the assignment or test. After the due date has passed, you will not be permitted to do any more work unless your instructor gives you special permission. The instructor may set up the system to grade any incomplete assignments and use those as the results, or your instructor may simply ignore any work that was not submitted for grading.

Quit & Save only applies to assignments that have grades stored in the gradebook. Practice assignments and Study Session assignments cannot be saved and resumed at a later time.

Note: If your instructor sets a time limit for the assignment, you have a fixed amount of time to complete the assignment. The timer starts once you begin the assignment the first time. Saving and quitting does not stop the timer. If the assignment has a time limit, a policies link appears in the one-line assignment description on your class home page. Click on the link to find out what the time limit is, or learn what other special policies are associated with that assignment.

How do I look at past results?

If your instructor has set up the appropriate permissions, you can view the results of previous tests and assignments. From the class home page, click on the Gradebook menu and select View Past Results.

Do I need anything special to take the tests?

You will need an Internet connection web browser to use Möbius Assessment or the Möbius MAA Placement. Click here for detailed requirements.

How do I get help?

Click the Help menu in the top right of the screen at any time to access the online help for students. These help pages will provide more details on taking assignments, entering math, looking at past results, and other topics.

If you have trouble accessing the system, or problems with individual questions or assignments, contact your instructor.

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