Configure LTI field mapping

LTI field mapping is used to avoid the creation of duplicate records if user records already exist because your organization has been using Möbius before Learning Management System implementation.

This method maps existing users from your Learning Management System to the corresponding existing users in Möbius.

Once the LTI field mapping has been set up between your Learning Management System and Möbius, a user record update in the Learning Management System will then trigger an update to the corresponding record in Möbius.

If there is no existing Möbius user record, a new user record may be created using the information from the Learning Management System, based on the rules you define with LTI field mapping.

The following user details are retrieved by default:

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Role

To configure LTI field mapping

To configure LTI field mapping:

  1. Click System Admin on the System Homepage.

System Admin is third menu in top navigation of System Homepage.

  1. Click Edit LTI Field Mappings.

The Edit LTI Field Mappings option is the last menu option of the System Admin menu.

  1. Click Add Mapping.

The Add Mapping button is under the LTI Field Mappings heading. In the pane, the LTI Field Mappings table has columns for LTI Parameter, Field and Priority.

  1. Enter the LTI parameter that's defined in your Learning Management System.

The LTI Parameter is the first field on the new LTI field mapping page.

  1. Select the appropriate User Profile Field from the drop-down list.

The USER_NAME option is highlighted in the Field drop-down menu.

  1. Assign a priority number to the field mapping.

The Priority field is the last field on the LTI field mappings page.

NOTE: The priority number can be any non-negative integer. The higher the number, the higher the priority.

  1. Click Submit to save your field mapping.

The Submit button is the first button at the bottom of the page.

  1. Your mapping is saved to the LTI Field Mappings table.

New row was added to the LTI Field Mappings table, with LTI Parameter, Field and Priority columns.

TIP: Click Edit in the data row to edit the field mapping.

In the new row of the LTI Field Mappings table, the Edit button in the fourth column is highlighted.

IMPORTANT:  Only delete a mapped field if you know that it's no longer in use. Click Delete in the data row to delete the setup.

In the new row of the LTI Field Mappings table, the Delete button in the fifth column is highlighted.

Click OK to confirm the field mapping deletion.

Alert window "Deleting this record may stop user matching." and the OK button is highlighted.