View the Möbius Deprecation Policy

DigitalEd is committed to providing the highest quality of service possible to customers by employing an approach to platform updates that moves towards a continuous delivery process.

Continuous delivery — A release process where customers are receiving updates to the platform on a frequent basis.

DigitalEd reserves the right to discontinue the support of platform versions and deprecate components of Möbius when necessary to ensure optimal performance and security for users.

This Möbius Deprecation Policy is comprised of two schedules:

  • Möbius Version Support Schedule — Represents the timing of when platform versions are no longer supported based on the release of newer versions.
  • Möbius Component Deprecation Schedule — Represents the timing of events involved in the deprecation of a platform component or functionality.

Möbius Version Support Schedule

Every version of Möbius that's delivered to customers follows the simple, 12-month support schedule outlined by the Möbius Version Support Schedule.

Communications regarding version support will be delivered with each release of Möbius.

Here's the Möbius Version Support Schedule:

Date of last schedule revision: Nov 2021
Möbius version with active support Date when support ends for the Möbius version New Möbius version that's released when support ends for the specified Möbius version
2020.2 & older March 2022 2022.0
2021.0 June 2022 2022.1
2021.1 September 2022 2022.2
2021.2 December 2022 2022.3

Möbius Component Deprecation Schedule

Should DigitalEd determine that a component of Möbius is to be deprecated, communications will be delivered to customers as milestones according to the Möbius Component Deprecation Schedule.

Communications will contain information about why said component is being deprecated and what functionality will supersede it.

Here's the Möbius Component Deprecation Schedule:

Date of last schedule revision: Nov 2021
Number of months leading up to component deprecation Description of deprecation events
12 months

DigitalEd communicates to Möbius users that a component will be deprecated.

Involves the:

  • End of sale for the deprecated component
  • Maintenance period that begins for the deprecated component
6 months Reminder that a component will be deprecated.
0 months The component is deprecated and all maintenance and support is ceased.

NOTE: These definitions support the Möbius Component Deprecation Schedule:

End of sale — The component to be deprecated will no longer be included in platform versions sold to customers.

Maintenance period —DigitalEd's Support Team will continue to support customers as they transition to new or supplementary functionality.