View the Möbius Deprecation Policy

DigitalEd is committed to providing the highest quality of service possible to customers by employing an approach to platform updates that moves towards a continuous delivery process.

Continuous delivery — A release process where customers are receiving updates to the platform on a frequent basis.

DigitalEd reserves the right to discontinue the support of platform versions and deprecate features of Möbius when necessary to ensure optimal performance and security for users.

This Möbius Deprecation Policy is comprised of two sections:

  • Möbius version support — Represents the timing of when platform versions are no longer supported based on the release of newer versions.
  • Möbius feature deprecation — Represents the timing of events involved in the deprecation of a platform component or functionality.

Möbius version support

Every version of Möbius that's delivered to customers follows a simple 12-month version support schedule.

Versions of Möbius that are older than 12 months won’t be supported.

The current version of Möbius is: 2024.0 (as of March 2024).

TIP: Check out the View system status help topic to see how to check the build date and version of your Möbius site.

NOTE: When a Möbius version is no longer supported, this means that:

  • Your Möbius site will be automatically updated to the newest version if you’re running on a version older than 12 months
  • DigitalEd's Support Team will no longer respond to issues related to versions older than 12 months

Möbius feature deprecation

DigitalEd will communicate to customers at appropriate milestones when it’s determined that a Möbius feature is to be deprecated.

The initial deprecation announcement and follow-up reminder(s) will be distributed at appropriate intervals and consist of:

  • The timeline of the feature’s deprecation
  • Why the feature is being deprecated
  • Information on the maintenance period of the feature to be deprecated

NOTE: These definitions relate to feature deprecation:

Deprecation — When a feature is no longer supported by DigitalEd, is no longer included in Möbius versions sold to customers, and has either been replaced or discontinued.

Maintenance period — Duration of time in which DigitalEd's Support Team will support customers in their transition to using Möbius without the deprecated feature.