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This feature has been ADDED!

Issue key Summary

Multi-tenancy is the next step in the evolution of Möbius. By harnessing the full potential of the cloud through multi-tenancy, an instant, automated allocation of resources is provided.

These features have been IMPROVED!

Issue key Summary
N/A Added new search functionality to the Content Repository which removed search toggling on the System Settings page and the need for indexing.
MO-4096 Added aria-labels and roles to text icons that are used to indicate activity progress on the Class Homepage and in the Gradebook.
MO-4098 Added descriptive accessibility labels and visible focus to the buttons on the System and Class Calendars.
MO-4103 Added descriptive accessibility labels to the platform's Home button.
MO-6663 Added descriptive accessibility labels to buttons on the instructor Class Homepage that allow class tiles to toggle between the student and instructor view.
MO-7907 Removed the option to toggle CDN usage from the System Settings page.
MO-7917 Security enhancements.
MO-8745 Security enhancements.
MO-8902 Removed the option to define Gateway Home Path from the System Settings page.

These bugs have been FIXED!

Issue key Summary
MO-3235 Resolved an issue where users uploading an image via the CKFinder (Class File Manager) would encounter a misleading error message, or in some cases, fail to upload the image.
MO-7818 Resolved an issue where the "Complete When" property of a lesson's Policy Set was being applied to assignments causing users to pass assignments regardless of the defined passing score if "Viewed All" or "Viewed and Attempted All" were selected.
MO-7892 Resolved an issue where some strings in the email for reverting an email change weren't translated properly.
MO-7989 Resolved an issue where creating an account on an instance with anonymous access enabled would cause the student's account to be enrolled in all classes that have "Allow Anonymous Access" enabled.
MO-8051 Resolved an issue where the feedback view for the multiple selection legacy question type wouldn't include instantiated variables, and instead show them in their algorithmic format.
MO-8078 Resolved an issue where the icon indicating the assignment end date in the Class Calendar could appear on the wrong date if the client and assignment time zones were different.
MO-8099 Resolved an issue where the Slide Templates pane in Content Repository wouldn't expand after attempting to view imported slide templates.
MO-8258 Resolved an issue where the upgrade of pre-2017 databases would sometimes lead to null pointer exceptions due to null values in test record completion statuses.
MO-8272 Resolved an issue where new grades weren't being calculated in adaptive questions when using the Assignment Regrade tool.
MO-8338 Resolved an issue where WS API grade pushes were failing.
MO-8359 Resolved an issue where using the Assignment Regrade tool on a question containing a manually graded response area wouldn't result in updated grades for the non-manually graded response areas.
MO-8366 Resolved an issue where the product name was incorrectly substituted in the LTI Grade Push Failure email.
MO-8483 Resolved an issue where searching questions within the Möbius Cloud would fail and throw an error.
MO-8510 Resolved an issue where saving edits to an assignment within a parent class would take a long time if it had many child classes.
MO-8530 Resolved an issue where adding an annotation to an essay response in the Gradebook would cut off any text after the annotation.
MO-8547 Resolved an issue where an erroneous failed anti-CSRF check would cause errors when editing assignments.
MO-8646 Resolved an issue where checking the correctness of a response in an interactive narrative using "How Did I Do?" would cause the response to not be saved when grading.
MO-8763 Resolved an issue where the assignment timer would appear to lag behind the actual remaining time, and then jump to the correct value upon navigating to the next question.
MO-8766 Resolved an issue where question details were, in some cases, missing from the analytics event stream.
MO-8777 Resolved an issue where daylight savings time was no longer being respected for the calendar year of 2021 and onwards.
MO-8803 Resolved an issue where an empty unit or group couldn't be cloned when the "Select All" check box was selected in the empty unit or group.