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This feature has been ADDED!

Issue key Summary
MO-10945 Added support for calculating separate taxes by US state in the Möbius payment interface, and added tax rates for several states.

These features have been IMPROVED!

Issue key Summary
MO-10989 Updated the backend processing to reduce loading times and improve performance when users start an activity attempt.
MO-11106 Updated the Japanese and Simplified Chinese translations of the Möbius interface.
MO-11107 Updated the Spanish translation of the Möbius interface.
MO-11156 Updated the Möbius SAML service to accept FIDO2 multi-factor authentication.

These bugs have been FIXED!

Issue key Summary
MO-1547 Resolved an issue where students couldn't see the remaining time or the message that time had expired when attempting mastery assignments with a time limit.
MO-2862 Resolved an issue where students not using the Verify button when answering adaptive questions caused their response to be hidden in the Gradebook.
MO-10496 Resolved an issue where it was possible to generate duplicate inherited assignments when creating a child class.
MO-10836 Resolved an issue where adaptive sections that a user did not view during their attempt were displayed in the Gradebook.
MO-10957 Resolved an issue where the Japanese translation of Möbius caused an error message with certain assignment properties.
MO-11191 Resolved an issue where events on the Calendar were displayed on the incorrect dates when daylight saving time was in effect.