Explore Möbius Foundations

Möbius Foundations is a collection of Möbius building blocks that you can use as a starting point to build out the rest of your course or supplement content that you've already purchased or authored.

These supplementary STEM lessons, assignments and questions are an engaging showcase of Möbius' features, especially the interactive and exciting aspects of the platform like: Interactive Narratives, Math Apps, Maple-graded questions, 3-D plots, algorithmic questions, and more!

There's even student and instructor onboarding materials to get you and your students started with Möbius!

Since you’ll have access to this content inside of your Möbius site, this means that you can even take a look behind the scenes at how this content is authored!

You have unlimited access to preview, modify, share, and import these building blocks in any of your Möbius classes!

Summary of Möbius Foundations

Check out Add Möbius Foundations to your class for more details on how to access and use any of the Möbius Foundations content in your class.

Add Möbius Foundations to your class

All of the Möbius Foundations Course Modules can be edited for your needs by importing into your Möbius class:

  1. Click Content Repository on the Class Homepage.

The content repository menu option is the third option of the instructor main navigation menu.

  1. Click Möbius Foundations in the Sources pane.

Under Sources pane in the Content Repository, Mobius Foundations is highlighted.

  1. Click the Möbius Foundations content of your choice.

Under the Mobius Foundations pane, click to choose from the list of content packs.

NOTE: Not seeing Möbius Foundations in your Sources pane? Contact your DigitalEd account executive.

  1. Click Clone into my class in the pane for the chosen content.

Name and description of chosen pack appears in the pane to the right. Click the Clone into my class button under the description.

TIP: If you don’t want all of the content in the chosen Course Module, navigate through the content list until you land on the specific piece of content that you want to import and then click Clone into my class.

A sample content is open in the Content Repository, and in the top right hand corner the Clone into my class button is highlighted.

  1. Wait while the Course Module is cloned into your class.

After clicking, the title of the Clone into my class button has changed to Cloning.

NOTE: Cloning a large Lesson Bank or Assignment Bank into your class can take a few minutes.

  1. A success message appears when the content has been cloned into your class. Click the link in the success message window to access the imported content from within your class.

In the Clone Complete popup window, click on the link to the cloned content.

TIP: You can also click Done and then refresh your browser page to access the content within your class.

In the Clone Complete popup window, the Done button is highlighted.

  1. You can now edit and use the contents from Möbius Foundations just like any other content type within your class.

Content appears under All Content Types pane for Current Class source in the Content Repository.

What's next?

Now that you've imported your content, you're ready for: