Edit content

Content and supplementary content can be edited at anytime.

Content — Any component relating to the subject matter of a class (Example — Questions, Text, Lessons, Assignments, Interactive Narratives, Units, etc.).

Content stored in the Content Repository can be edited using the appropriate Editor tool. Example — To edit a lesson, you will use the Lesson Editor. To edit a question, you can use the Question Editor or edit the question from an assignment that contains the question using the Activity Editor.

Supplementary content — Components that support the creation, structure, and implementation of content. Example — Themes, Policy Sets, Slide Templates, Course Modules.

TIP: Some content elements can't be edited from the Editors:

  • Source
  • Details
  • Statistics
  • Hints
  • Revisions

To edit these types of content elements, check out View the Content Summary pane.

Select content to edit

To select specific content or supplementary content to edit:

  1. Click Content Repository on the Class Homepage.

The content repository menu option is the third option of the instructor main navigation menu.

  1. Navigate through the Content Repository panes to select the specific content that you want to edit.

The name of a question is selected from the Questions pane, and the Content Summary pane for that question appears on the right.

  1. Click Edit once you have landed on the type of content that you want to edit.

Edit button at top right of the Content Summary pane.

  1. Perform your content edits within the Editor tool that opens.

Question Designer overview

TIP: Check out Use the Visual Editor for details on how to use this toolbar to the fullest to control the visual appearance of your edits.

Visual Editor toolbar

Edit using an Editor

Different types of content and supplementary content use specific Editor tools:

Edit inherited content

To edit inherited content in your class or child class, you must first clone the content.

Check out Clone content.

NOTE: Inherited content is indicated with the shared iconThe Shared Content iconin the Content Repository.

NOTE: Cloning inherited content is also recommended to protect your class's version of content from changing due to modifications made to the parent content.