Manage folders in the Class File Manager

To add external files (Example — images, videos, and reference files) into your content, you must first upload the file to the Class File Manager (a website folder).

TIP: Check out Upload external files to the Class File Manager for help with how to upload external files from your computer into the folders of the Class File Manager.

The Class File Manager is comprised of folders and nested subfolders for you to store and organize your uploaded external files.

You can perform the following folder management tasks in the Class File Manager:

  • Create folders and subfolders
  • View files, folders, and subfolders
  • Delete files, folders, and subfolders

Create folders

To create folders (and subfolders) to organize your content:

  1. Click Content Repository from the Class Homepage.

The content repository menu option is the third option of the instructor main navigation menu.

  1. Click View Files to enter the Class File Manager.

The View Files button is the third button at the top of the content repository.

  1. Click the Create new subfolder iconThe Create new subfolder icon is an open file to the class name.

The create new subfolder icon is the first icon next to a class or folder name in the View Files pane.

  1. Define the New folder name.

The text field next to the text 'new folder name' is highlighted in the New Folder pane.

TIP: When creating the folder name, you can use:

  • Letters
  • Numbers
  • Underscores
  • Dashes
  • Periods

Don't use spaces in the folder name.

  1. Click OK.

The OK button is highlighted in the New Folder pane.

  1. The Class File Manager adds the new subfolder to your file list and opens it.

A new folder name is highlighted in the View Files pane.

NOTE: If there's more than one subfolder, the program arranges them in alphabetical order.

View folders

You can open and close folders and subfolders to manage which ones are being viewed.

Click the triangle icon beside the folder or subfolder name to toggle between expanding and collapsing a folder or subfolder's contents:

Triangles are to the left of each folder name in the View Files pane.

The down-facing triangle indicates an open or expanded folder or subfolder.

The right-facing triangle indicates a closed or collapsed folder or subfolder.

Delete files and folders

Files, folders, and subfolders stored in the Class File Manager can be deleted.

To delete a file, folder, or subfolder:

  1. Hover your cursor over the folder or file and click the Delete this file iconassociated with the item.

When hovering over a file name in the View Files pane, the Delete icon is the second on the right of the file name.

  1. Click OK in the confirmation pop-up to delete the item.

The OK button is highlighted.

  1. The deleted item no longer appears in your Class File Manager list.