Create an account

You can create your own Möbius account through self-registration from your organization's main login page.

Self-registration — A setting that allows users to create their own Möbius account.

You'll receive the student role for your system role when you self-register.

NOTE:Self-registration has to be enabled by your organization's Möbius administrator in order for you to create your own Möbius account. If the Create an account link isn't visible on your organization’s main log in page, you won't be able to self-register and your instructor or organization's Möbius administrator will have to create your Möbius account for you.

The "Create an account" link will appear below the "Log in" button on the main Möbius log in page.

To create a Möbius account

To create your own Möbius account through self-registration:

  1. Click Create an account on the Möbius log in screen of your organization.

The Create an account link is located below the Log in button on the main Möbius log in page.

NOTE: Your organization could be an institution, a publisher name, a textbook title, or an author name. All users from your organization will use the same log in screen.

TIP: If you're accessing Möbius as an anonymous user, you can instead click Create an account on the anonymous access System Homepage and resume at step 2.

The Create an account button is shown after the list of available classes on the System Homepage when using anonymous access.

  1. Complete all fields in the User Details pane of the Register page.

The registration form of the Register page.

IMPORTANT: You must enter a valid email address when creating your Möbius account.

TIP: Your case-sensitive password should:

  • Be at least five characters long
  • Include both capital letters and lower case letters
  • Contain at least one special character (1-9, !, *, _, etc)
  • NOT include a word in the dictionary
  • NOT include accented characters (ö, é, etc)

NOTE: All fields that appear on the Register page are considered required fields.

  1. Complete the reCAPTCHA requirement.

The reCAPTCHA requirement on the Register page.

  1. Click Submit.

The Submit button is after all of the fields of the registration form.

NOTE: Sometimes, a database or mail server error can occur. If this happens, you'll receive an error message asking you to retry your self-registration at a later time.

An error messge is shown that reads: "Sorry, we couldn't send you a verification email at this time. Please try again later."

  1. A success message is displayed stating that a confirmation link has been sent to your submitted email.

A thank-you message stating that the confirmation link to complete registration has been sent to the user's email that was entered on the registration form.

TIP: Click Restart my registration in the success message if you've made a mistake in your account creation and want to start over.

The Restart my reistration button is at the bottom of the message that explains that a confirmation link has been sent.

  1. Check your inbox for an email with the subject of Request for Möbius account. This verification email message contains a confirmation link for you to use to complete the Möbius registration process. Click Confirm email in the received verification email message to continue with your registration.

The "Confirm email" button is in the confirmation email message when self-registering.

IMPORTANT: The confirmation link expires 24 hours after the registration process is initiated.

NOTE: The verification email message might take a few minutes to appear in your inbox. Try checking your spam folder if you think you didn't receive it.

TIP: Alternatively, a confirmation URL is provided that you can copy and paste into your browser instead of clicking the Confirm email button.

A URL is provided in the self-registration confirmation email underneath the "Confirm email" button.

  1. Your account has been created and your registration is complete. Click Log in to Möbius to return to the main log in screen to enter Möbius.

The "Log in to Möbius" button is shown in the success message after confirming your self-registration from the email message.

  1. Your submitted email autofills in the Email or user login field. Enter your password that you defined during the registration process.

Your email address is autofilled in the "Email or user loging" field, and the "Password" field is below that on the main Möbius log in page.

NOTE: If you've created your own Möbius account using self-registration as described in this help topic, you'll always use your email to log in. If you're Möbius account has been created for you, you'll be able to use your email or user login.

TIP: Check out Log in to learn about the different ways that you can log in to Möbius.

  1. Click Log in.

The "Log in" button is located below the "Password" field on the main Möbus log in page.

  1. You're taken to the System Homepage of your organization.

A student System Homepage is shown with the System Calendar but without any classes listed.

TIP: Having trouble creating your Möbius account through self-registration? Check out Troubleshoot my registration.

What's next?

Now that you've created your Möbius account and have logged in, you're ready for: