Connect Möbius to Blackboard

The Blackboard Learn® Learning Management System can be connected to Möbius using LTI 1.3 integration.

Möbius and Blackboard Learn® administrators can follow these instructions to connect their Learning Management System to Möbius.

View my Möbius LTI data

Your Learning Management System will require you to provide data that's specific to your Möbius site.

Check out View my Möbius LTI data for details on how to obtain this data.

Register Möbius in Anthology Developer Portal

Before adding an LTI Advantage tool to Blackboard Learn, first it must be configured in the Anthology Developer Portal located at

To register your Möbius site application in the Developer Portal:

  1. Log in to the Developer Portal.

  1. Under the My Applications tab, click Register a REST or LTI application.

In Developer Portal under My Applications, the Register a REST or LTI application button is highlighted.

TIP: If you already have applications registered, you'll see a table on the My Applications tab. Click Add to register your Möbius site application.

In Developer Portal, the Add button on the right of the My Applications table is highlighted.

  1. Complete the fields on the Register a new application page:

  • Application Name: Enter a unique name for the new key (ExampleMöbius MyInstitution).
  • Description: Enter a description (ExampleMöbius LTI tool for MyInstitution).
  • Domain: Enter the domain of your Möbius site (Example —

In Developer Portal, the Register a new application page has Mobius myinstitution details. The Application Name, Description and Domain fields are filled in.

  1. Enable the My integration supports LTI 1.3 radio button and complete the following fields:

The My integration supports LTI 1.3 radio button is enabled, which shows the text fields.

  1. Click Register Application.

The Register Application button at the bottom of the page is highlighted.

  1. The details of your new LTI application will be displayed under My Applications. Copy the Application ID for the next steps of the setup process.

My Applications page, the table of applications has Name, Description, Application ID and Group headings.

  1. Click the menu button next to the name of the new LTI application, then select Edit. Copy the Issuer, Public keyset URL, Auth token endpoint and OIDC auth request endpoint values for the next steps of the setup process.

Register Möbius tool in Blackboard Learn

The Application ID from the Developer Portal is used to register the Möbius LTI Advantage tool in Blackboard Learn.

IMPORTANT: Blackboard Learn allows only one tool pointing to a specific Möbius site. If Möbius is already registered as an LTI 1.1 tool in your Blackboard Learn site, you may be prompted to migrate your existing tool configuration to LTI Advantage.

To register the LTI Advantage tool in Blackboard Learn:

  1. Open the Administrator Panel in Blackboard Learn.

Blackboard Administrator Panel

  1. Under the Integrations heading, click LTI Tool Providers.

On the Administrator Panel in Blackboard, under Integrations heading the LTI Tool Providers link is highlighted.

  1. Click Register LTI 1.3/Advantage Tool.

On the LTI Tool Providers page, third button from the left, the Register LTI 1.3/Advantage Tool button, is highlighted.

  1. Enter the Application ID attained at Step 6 in the Client ID field.

On the Register LTI 1.3/Advantage Tool page, the alphanumeric string is entered into the Client ID text field.

  1. Click Submit.

On the Register LTI 1.3/Advantage Tool page, the Submit button is at the bottom right of the page.

  1. Copy the Deployment ID value for the next steps of the setup process.

On the Accept LTI 1.3 Tool page, under Tool Status, the Deployment ID text field is highlighted.

  1. Set the following options under Institution Policies:

  • User Fields to Send: Check the Role in Course, Name and Email Address items.
  • Allow grade service access: Select Yes.

Under the Institution Policies heading, User Fields to Send checkboxes are highlighted.

  1. Click Submit.

The Submit button is highlighted in the bottom right corner.

Add the Blackboard Learn configuration to Möbius

To add the completed Blackboard Learn LTI 1.3 configuration details to Möbius:

  1. Click Add Configuration on the Edit LTI Configurations page in Möbius.

View Mobius Data is the second button under the LTI Version 1.3 heading.

TIP: Check out Add an LTI configuration to Möbius for more details on getting to this page in Möbius.

  1. Complete the fields in the Add LTI 1.3 Configuration window:

  • Platform ID: Enter the Issuer value attained from Developer Portal in Step 7.
  • Deployment ID: Enter the Deployment ID value attained from Blackboard in Step 13.
  • Client ID: Enter the Application ID value attained from Developer Portal in Step 6.
  • Public Keyset URL: Enter the Public keyset URL value attained from Developer Portal in Step 7.
  • Access Token URL: Enter the Auth token endpoint value attained from Developer Portal in Step 7.
  • Authentication Request URL: Enter the OIDC auth request endpoint value attained from Developer Portal in Step 7.
  • Select the Access Token URL and Access Token Audience URL have the same value check box.

Add LTI 1.3 Parameters lists text boxes for Platform ID, Deployment ID, Client ID, Public Keyset URL, Access Token URL, Authentication Request URL, and Access Token Audience URL.

  1. Click Save.

The Save button is highlighted.

Add Möbius placement in Blackboard Learn

To setup links between their Blackboard Learn course and Möbius, instructors in Blackboard Learn use placements.

To add a placement to the configured LTI application in Blackboard Learn:

  1. In the LTI Tool Providers administrator page, click the Options Menu next to the name of your configured LTI application.

In the LTI Tool Providers table, the Options Menu is next to the name of the Mobius myinstitution tool.

  1. Select Manage Placements from the drop-down menu.

Manage Placements is the second option in the drop down menu.

  1. Click Create Placement.

On the Manage Placements page for myinstitution, Create Placement button is highlighted.

  1. Complete the fields in the Placement Information section:

  • Label: Enter Möbius LTI as the name for the placement.
  • Handle: Same as label.
  • Availability: Select Yes.
  • Type: Select Deep Linking content tool and uncheck Allow student access.
  • Select the Launch in New Window check box.

On the Create Placement page in Blackboard Learn, the fields under Placement Information subheading are filled in.

  1. Complete the fields in the Tool Provider Information section:

On the Create Placement page in Blackboard Learn, the Target Link URI field is filled in under the Tool Provider Information subheading.

  1. Click Submit to finish creating the Möbius LTI placement.

Link to a Möbius activity from your Blackboard Learn course

Once the Möbius LTI placement is configured, it can be added to a Blackboard Learn course to automatically create links to Möbius alongside other course content.

IMPORTANT: The integration between Blackboard Learn and Möbius should be tested by adding the placement and linking to a Möbius assignment, completing the assignment as a student, and checking that grades are pushed back to the Blackboard Learn Grade Center.

To use the configured LTI placement to add a Möbius activity link to your Blackboard Learn course:

  1. Open your Blackboard Learn course and click Content.

In a Blackboard Class under Home Page, the Content option is highlighted.

  1. Click Build Content and select the configured LTI placement from the drop-down menu.

On the Content page in Blackboard course, the Build Content dropdown menu is open and Mobius LTI option is highlighted.

TIP: If you don't see the Build Content menu as an instructor in your Blackboard Learn class, make sure that Edit Mode is turned on.

In the Blackboard course, the Edit Mode option is highlighted and turned on; the option is at the top right of the page.

  1. The Möbius mapping menu will appear in a new window for configuration of the link destination. Check out Activity mapping for details on completing this configuration and linking to a Möbius activity.

Under Create a Link to an Assignment or Lesson, Calculus Assignment is selected in the dropdown menu and the Link to Assignment button is highlighted.

  1. Refresh the Content page once the mapping has been completed, to find the tool provider content added to your Blackboard Learn course.

The Calculus Assignment from Mobius is available to students on the Content page in the Blackboard Learn course.

TIP: You can click the item options button next to the link for options to control link availability in Blackboard Learn.

Next to the Calculus Assignment, the dropdown arrow is highlighted and the item options menu is open, with options including Edit and Make Unavailable.

TIP: Check out the LMS Integration Workflows for a visual representation of creating and using different types of links from Möbius to Blackboard Learn:

What's next?

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