Delete a user

Deleting a user means that the user's profile and grades are no longer accessible.

NOTE: Only administrators can delete users.

Deleted users:

  • Can't log in to Möbius
  • Won't appear in user searches for active users
  • Won't appear in user searches in classes (Example — Gradebook searches)
  • Can be restored at anytime

NOTE: Permanently deleted users can't be restored. Check out Permanently delete a user.

A user can be deleted in two ways:

  • With a user search
  • With a user roster file

NOTE: User deletions can only be performed at the system level from the System User Manager menu.

User search to delete a user

You can perform a system user search to select the user(s) you want to delete from a list of user search results.

NOTE: Users can only be deleted from the search results of a system user search (not a class user search).

To perform a user search to delete a user:

  1. Perform a system user search.

The basic search fields are shown.

TIP: Check out Search for a user for reminders on how to perform a system user search.

  1. Select the check box(es) of the user(s) in the search results that you want to delete.

In Delete column of the search results table, a checkbox for one of the users is selected.

TIP: Select the Delete column heading check box to select all users in your search results.

In Delete column of the search results table, the checkbox in table heading and all checkboxes for all users are selected.

  1. Click Delete.

Delete button is highlighted

  1. Click Confirm to delete the selected user(s).

On Delete Users pane, under the list of users, the Confirm button is highlighted.

  1. The selected user(s) is(are) deleted and you're returned to the user search screen.

User roster file to delete a user

You can upload a user roster file that contains a list of users that you want to delete.

NOTE: Login should be the only attribute in the user roster file that you're using to delete users.

A sample text roster file with only 'login' on the first line, and a list of user logins underneath.

To upload a user roster file to delete a user:

  1. Click System User Manager on the System Homepage.

The System User Manager menu is the second menu in the main Möbius navigation on the System Homepage.

  1. Click Remove Users Using Roster.

The Remove Users Using Roster option is fourth in the System User Manager menu

  1. Select the marked as deleted (can be restored) radio button in the Roster Column Details pane.

Next to Roster Column details heading, Radio button labelled "marked as deleted" is selected.

  1. Use the Select file format drop-down list to select the type of file that your user roster file is saved as.

The file format drop-down list shows the options of comma-separated and tab-separated.

  1. Click Choose File.

The Choose File button is below the select file formt drop-down list.

  1. Navigate to where your user roster file is stored on your computer. Select the file and click Open.

Roster file selected on your computer; Open button is highlighted.

  1. Click Submit.

The Submit button is after the Choose File button.

  1. Review the summary of the users that are going to be deleted in the Will mark as deleted pane. Click Delete Roster if you're satisfied with the summary.

The Delete Roster button is at bottom of Roster Delete page under the Will mark as deleted table.

NOTE: Users can't be deleted if they're enrolled as an instructor in a class or you don't have the permissions required to delete users. Users that can't be deleted from your user roster file are listed in the Cannot delete pane.

On Roster Delete page, the Cannot delete table is highlighted.

Users from the user roster file that Möbius couldn't find in the database are considered unknown and won't be deleted (Example — perhaps they don't have a Möbius account or there's a typo in the user login that's defined in the user roster file). These users that Möbius considers unknown are listed in the Unknown profiles pane.

On Roster Delete page, the Unknown profiles table is highlighted.

  1. A confirmation summary is displayed of the users that were successfully deleted using the user roster file. Click Return to be navigated back to the user search page.

Table of the profiles that were marked as deleted. The Return button is highlighted at bottom of page.