Manage self-registration for my organization

Self-registration — A setting that allows users to create their own Möbius account.

As your organization's Möbius administrator, you can work with DigitalEd's Support Team to manage self-registration (a global setting that applies to your entire organization).

Email DigitalEd's Support Team to enable or disable the self-registration setting for your organization.

NOTE: Your organization could be an institution, a publisher name, a textbook title, or an author name.

If self-registration is enabled, users can use the Create an account option on the main Möbius log in page for their organization to create their own account.

The Create an account link is visible below the Log in button on the main Möbius log in page.

NOTE: A user will receive the student system role as their system role when self-registering.

NOTE: If self-registration is disabled, the Create an account option isn't visible on the main Möbius log in page and users will require their account to be created for them.

TIP: Are you an instructor that's curious about self-registration? Then check out Manage self-registration.