Manage self-registration

Self-registration is a global system setting that applies to your entire organization.

Self-registration — A setting that allows users to create their own Möbius account.

TIP: Are you a Möbius administrator? Check out Manage self-registration for my organization.

If self-registration is enabled, users will be able to create their own account from the main Möbius login screen.

The assigned system role when using self-registration defaults to the student role.

The Create an account link is visible below the Log in button on the main Möbius log in page.

NOTE: Your organization could be an institution, a publisher name, a textbook title, or an author name. All users from your organization will use the same login screen.

Enable self-registration

To enable self-registration, contact your organization's Möbius administrator.

Disable self-registration

To disable self-registration, contact your organization's Möbius administrator.

NOTE: If you aren’t using self-registration in your organization, you or your organization's Möbius administrator will have to create user profiles. Check out Create a user.