Share my Class Link

A Class Link is a URL that's unique to your class and can be distributed to your students so that they can access Möbius without a Learning Management System (Example — Blackboard®, Brightspace®, Canvas™, Moodle™, etc.).

When the student visits the Class Link, they'll either be:

  • Prompted to self-register by creating a Möbius account and then log in.
  • Prompted to log in to their existing Möbius account.

After logging in from the Class Link, the student will be automatically enrolled into your class with the default class role.

IMPORTANT: In general, the default class role for a class is set to student. A user with a system role with privileges equal to or less than the default class role will become automatically enrolled into your class with the default class role if they use your Class Link to access your class. If your Class Link is used by a user with a system role with higher privileges than the default class role of your class, the user won't become enrolled. A user can instead self-enroll (regardless of their system role) by performing a class search for self-enrollment. Check out the Enroll using a class search section of the Enroll in a class topic.

IMPORTANT: If you're using Möbius 2020.1.1 and a user enrolls into your class by following the Class Link, they're automatically enrolled with the default class role, regardless of their system role. Example — If your class is designed with a default class role of student and you've provided a colleague with your Class Link to have them enroll into your class as a supporting instructor, they'll be enrolled as a student if they use the Class Link for enrollment. You'll instead need to manually enroll them into your class as an instructor.

NOTE: Users are only able to use the Class Link to self-enroll into your class if your enrollment setting is set to All students or Students with Class Link. Check out Manage student enrollment.

NOTE: The Class Link is only made available after a class has been created (it's not visible during class creation).

NOTE: If you prefer to control which users are enrolled into your class, be sure to select the Instructors must enroll students option when managing student enrollment. Check out Manage student enrollment.

Access your Class Link

To access your class's unique Class Link:

  1. Navigate to the Class Homepage of the class you want to share with your students.

Class Homepage is shown.

  1. Click Class Info in the Class Details pane.

Class Info is the first button under Class Details on the left of the Class Homepage.

  1. The Class Link field contains a URL that's unique to your class.

In the Class Manager list of details on the right, Class Link is highlighted.

NOTE: The Class Link can't be edited. Clicking Edit from the Class Details pane reveals a read-only field of the Class Link.

In the Class Details pane, it is not possible to edit the Class Link.

Share your Class Link

You can distribute your unique Class Link URL to your students so that they can self-enroll into your class.

To share your Class Link with your students:

  1. Click the Class Link's Copy Class Link to clipboard icon Copy Class Link to Clipboard in the Class Details pane. The link is copied to your clipboard for you to paste in another location for sharing.

Button on right of Class Link field is highlighted.

  1. Decide how you want to distribute this URL to your students. Example — Send a mass email to your students containing the Class Link URL.