Manage student enrollment

You can manage how students are enrolled into your class by deciding whether they can self-enroll (using a class search or Class Link) or require an instructor (or an administrator) to enroll them.

Managing student enrollment is performed from the Class Details pane while creating or editing a class.

TIP: The Class Details pane can be accessed in two ways:

  • While creating a new class
  • While editing an existing class

NOTE: A user that self-enrolls is automatically assigned the default class role that's defined for your class.

The Who can self-enroll into this class? setting is a required field in the Class Details pane:

  • Select the radio button to define how users are able to enroll into your class.
  • Choose from:
  • All students — Any user from your organization can self-enroll using a class search or the Class Link URL if it's been provided.
  • Students with Class Link — Only users that have received the Class Link URL will be able to self-enroll into the class.
  • Instructors must enroll students — Users can't self-enroll into the class and must be enrolled by an instructor (or administrator).

Three options appear in the Who can self-enroll into this class field on the Class Details page.

IMPORTANT: In general, the Default Role In Class for a class is set to student. A user with a system role with privileges equal to or less than the default class role will become automatically enrolled into your class with the default class role if they use your Class Link to access your class (Example — a user with the student system role will be enrolled in the class as a student if student is the default role).

IMPORTANT: If your Class Link is used by a user with a system role with higher privileges than the default class role of your class, the user won't become enrolled (Example — a user with the instructor system role won't be enrolled in the class as a student if student is the default role). That user can instead self-enroll (regardless of their system role) by performing a class search for self-enrollment. Check out Enroll in a class.

IMPORTANT: If you're using Möbius 2020.1.1 and a user enrolls into your class by following the Class Link, they're automatically enrolled with the default class role, regardless of their system role. Example — If your class is designed with a default class role of student and you've provided a colleague with your Class Link to have them enroll into your class as a supporting instructor, they'll be enrolled as a student if they use the Class Link for enrollment. You'll instead need to manually enroll them into your class as an instructor.

NOTE: The Who can self-enroll into this class? setting also determines whether your class will appear in a user's class search during self-enrollment. The class will appear listed as an available class only if the All students option is selected.