Import a Content Template

Content Template — A collection of pre-authored content designed to help instructors and authors build new content from scratch and take advantage of the key capabilities of Möbius.

The key Möbius capabilities that Content Templates promote are:

  • Sophisticated grading routines
  • Mathematical visualizations
  • Interactivity within content

Three types of Content Templates have been developed to get your class up and running faster:

  • Question Templates — A Course Module of questions, each with a distinct grading routine.
  • Interactives — A Course Module with interactive content comprised of Math Apps and Geogebra applets.
  • Plotting Examples — A Course Module with commonly used types of plots.

Once you import a Content Template, you are free to modify it to fit your class.

You can import the entire Content Template Course Module, or select specific components to use in your class.

Content Templates are available in the Sources panel of the Content Repository, or as part of Möbius Foundations (check out Add Möbius Foundations to your class).

To import a Content Template

To import a Content Template into your class:

  1. Click Content Repository on the Class Homepage.

The content repository menu option is the third option of the instructor main navigation menu.

  1. Click Content Templates in the Sources pane.

Under Sources pane in the Content Repository, Content Templates is highlighted.

  1. Click on the type of Content Template that you want to import into your class.

Under the Content Templates pane, click to choose from the list of types.

  1. Click Clone into my class in the Content Template's pane.

Name and description of templates appears in pane to the right. Click the Clone into my class button under the description.

TIP: If you don’t want the entire Content Template Course Module imported into your class:

  1. Navigate through the list of content within the Content Template's All Content Types folder.

Under the name and description of templates, click on All Content Types which is the fourth item in the list.

  1. Click Clone into my class when you land on the Content Summary pane of the specific template that you want to import from the Content Template Course Module.

One of the Question Templates is open in the Content Repository, and in the top right hand corner the Clone into my class button is highlighted.

  1. Resume at step 5 of To import a Content Template.

  1. Wait while the Content Template is cloned into your class.

After clicking, the title of the Clone into my class button has changed to Cloning.

NOTE: Cloning the Content Template into your class can take a few minutes.

  1. A success message appears when the Content Template has been cloned into your class. Click the Content Template link in the success message window to access the imported content from within your class.

In the Clone Complete popup window, click on the link to the cloned content.

TIP: You can also click Done and then refresh your browser page to access the Content Template within your class.

In the Clone Complete popup window, the Done button is highlighted.

  1. The imported Content Template is stored in the respective content type folder under All Content Types. You can now interact with the imported Content Template just like any other content type within your class.

Content from templates appears in All Content Types pane in the Content Repository.