Submit grades for an individual external activity

If you don't want or need to bulk import external grades and activities using an external grade file (Example — .csv or .tsv file), you can manually enter grades for a single external activity into Möbius, and then submit them to the Gradebook.

External activity — An activity that was completed outside of the Möbius platform (Example — a quiz completed on paper, an oral presentation, etc.).

To submit external grades into Möbius without using an external grade file, you have to create a new external activity in Möbius.

TIP: An external grade file is ideal if you are continually adding external grades and activities to your Gradebook, or you have many external grades and activities to upload at once. Check out Bulk import of external grades.

Submit your students' grades

To submit your student' grades for a single external activity:

  1. Click External on the Class Homepage.

The External menu is the fifth menu on the main Möbius navigation bar.

  1. Click External & Rubrics.

The External & Rubrics menu option is the first option in the External menu.

  1. Ensure Create new assignment... is selected from the Choose Assignment drop-down list.

The Choose Assignment drop down list is in the External Assignment pane, and Create new assignment is highlighted.

NOTE: External activities are usually assignments.

TIP: Click Reset at anytime during your inputting to reset all entry fields.

The Reset button is highlighted.

  1. Enter the name of the activity that was completed outside of Möbius in the Assignment Name field.

A name is entered in the Assignment Name field.

  1. Enter the total points achievable for the activity that was completed outside of Möbius.

The number 10 is entered in the Total Points field.

TIP: If you want to apply a rubric table to your new external activity, select a it from the list of available rubric tables.

The Rubric Table drop-down list is opened with the options None, and Grading Rubric.

This causes your Total Points field to become a read-only value based on the selected rubric table. Check out Apply a rubric table to learn how to grade your students' external activities using a rubric table.

  1. Enter the minimum passing score for the activity that was completed outside of Möbius.

The number 5 is entered in the Passing Score field.

  1. Enter the achieved score for each of your students for the activity that was completed outside of Möbius.

The Score field is filled in next to each student ID in the Lesson and Assignment Grades table.

TIP: Use the User Search field in the External Assignment pane to quickly locate a specific student in the grade list. Start typing either the student name or ID and the results will automatically refine based on your entry.

The User Search field is highlighted under the Passing Score field.

TIP: You can add a comment in the Comment field. These comments are only visible to you.

For a single student in the Lesson and Assignment Grades table, the Comment field in the fourth column is filled in.

  1. Click Save to submit the external grades and activity name to the Gradebook.

The Save button is highlighted.

  1. A confirmation message appears that the external assignment was saved successfully. The entered grades have also been submitted to the Gradebook.

The message 'External Assignment was saved successfully' is located above the External Assignment pane.

IMPORTANT: Clicking Delete on the External & Rubrics page deletes the entire activity and its grade records from the Gradebook. If you want to perform this deletion and this activity is included in a Grade Report, you must first remove it from the Report Group. Check out Edit a Grade Report.