Edit a Grade Report

You can edit your Grade Reports at anytime.

To edit a Grade Report:

  1. Click Gradebook on the Class Homepage.

The Gradebook menu is the fourth menu option of the main Möbius navigational menu on the Class Homepage.

  1. Click Grade Reports.

The grade reports option is the third option in the gradebook menu.

  1. Select a Grade Report from the list of available Grade Reports.

In the Select Grade Report list, one of the reports in the list is highlighted with the cursor.

  1. Click Edit.

The delete button is the fourth button at the bottom of the grade reports page.

  1. You are navigated to the Grade Report Summary page. You can then make changes to any of the following components of the Grade Report:

The Edit Grade Report page lets you edit the report name, visibility, change the order of groups, edit groups, add groups, and remove groups.

A. Grade Report name

  • Edit the name of the Grade Report in the Report Name field.

B. Visibility of the Grade Report to your students

  • Select the Visible check box to enable your students to view the Grade Report.
  • Deselect the Visible check box to disable your students from viewing the Grade Report.

C. Order of the Report Groups

  • Use the Order drop-down list to rearrange the order of your Report Groups.

D. Details of a Report Group

  • Click on the name of a Report Group to edit it just like you did while you were creating it (check out Create a Grade Report).

E. Add a Report Group

  • Click Add Group to create an additional Report Group.

F. Delete a Report Group

  • Click Remove in the row of a Report Group that you want to delete from your Grade Report.

NOTE: The (C) order of the Report Groups on the Grade Report Summary page reflects the order of the Report Groups in the Grade Report when you are viewing your students' grades.

NOTE: You will need to (E) add a Report Group if you:

  • Modified the (D) details of Report Group such that your Grade Report total weight no longer totals 100.0%.
  • (F) Delete a Report Group
  1. Click Save after you have made your changes to the Grade Report.

The Save button is the third button at the bottom of the Edit Grade Report screen.

  1. A success message appears after saving your updated Grade Report. It is now available to use for determining overall grades.

The message "Grade Report saved successfully" is highlighted at the top of the grade reports page.

NOTE: After you edit a Grade Report, it is moved to the bottom of the list of available Grade Reports in the Select Grade Report pane.