Create a Grade Report

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Create a Grade Report

Grade Reports are used for overall grade calculations.

Grade Report — A compilation of grades from a pre-defined group of activities that are used to calculate an overall grade.

The overall grade calculations of a Grade Report can be used to:

  • Calculate a student's overall class grade.
  • Calculate a student's overall grade in a subset of class activities.
  • Provide a snapshot of a student's up-to-date grades.
  • Trial alternative methods for assigning weights to activities to see how a student's overall grades are affected.

To make a Grade Report, you first have to create a Report Group.

Report Group — A subset of activities of a Grade Report with defined parameters that determine how the overall grade of the Grade Report is calculated.

A Report Group is made by selecting activities, assigning a weighting to the Report Group, and saving it within the Grade Report.

Grade Reports consist of at least 1 Report Group and are only available to the class (and child classes) that the Grade Report is being designed in.

Grade Reports have additional flexibility options:

  • Specific activities can be designated as bonus activities.
  • Lowest grades can be dropped when calculating the overall grade.
  • Activities that weren't submitted can be counted as 0 or ignored when calculating the overall grade.

The Grade Report can then be used right inside the Möbius platform to determine your students' overall grades. Example — Your Grade Report could consists of a Report Group named Quizzes that is worth 30% of a student's overall grade, another Report Group named Assignments that is worth 50% of a student's overall grade, and another Report Group named Exam that is worth 20% of the student's overall grade. The student's grades on each activity contained within each Report Group are collected and presented as an overall grade calculation in the Grade Report.

You can choose to publish your Grade Report to make it visible to your students in their Gradebooks.

Create a Grade Report

To create a Grade Report:

  1. Click Gradebook on the Class Homepage.

The Gradebook menu is the fourth menu option of the main Möbius navigational menu on the Class Homepage.

  1. Click Grade Reports.

The grade reports option is the third option in the gradebook menu.

  1. Click New on the Grade Reports page.

No grade reports have been created, and the new button is highlighted at the bottom of the grade reports page.

  1. Define a name for your new Grade Report.

Under Report Name, a name for the grade report has been entered in the first field.

  1. Select the Visible check box if you want this Grade Report to be visible in your students' Gradebooks.

The Visible box is checked beside the report name field.

TIP: Leave the Visible check box deselected if you don't want this Grade Report to be visible in your students' Gradebooks.

  1. Click Add Group to create a Report Group within your Grade Report.

The Add Group button is the third button at the bottom of the Edit Grade Report screen.

NOTE: The Grade Report that you are designing must contain at least 1 Report Group.

  1. Define a name for the Report Group.

The group name field is highlighted and the value of limits assignments has been entered.

  1. Define a percentage weight for the Report Group to be used for the Grade Report's overall grade calculation.

The weight field is highlighted with the value of 60.0 manually entered.

  1. Proceed to adjust additional optional properties of your new Report Group:

Additional properties of the report group are highlighted: drop lower grade option, set as bonus option, how to calculate the activity weight option, how to mark non-attempts option, and which grades to use option.

A.Drop Lowest — Eliminate the lowest grade in the Report Group.

  • Can range from 0 (default value) to the total number of activities selected to be in the Report Group in step 10.

B.Bonus — A Report Group tagged as Bonus using the Bonus check box prevents its weight from being used to reach the cumulative weight of 100.0% for the Grade Report.

C.Calculate activity weight — Determine how the percent weight of the Report Group is calculated:

  • Equally — Divides the percent weight by the number of activities selected (selected by default).
  • By Total — Uses the sum of the student’s points achieved divided by the total possible points achievable for all activities selected.

D.Non-Attempts — Determine how to grade an activity that was not submitted:

  • Mark as 0 — Grades all non-attempts as 0 (zero) in the overall grade calculation (selected by default).
  • Ignore — Non-attempts aren't counted in the overall grade calculation.

E.Use — If an activity is attempted more than once, specify which grade to include for the overall grade calculation:

  • Best — Uses the student’s best attempt (selected by default).
  • Most Recent — Uses the student’s newest attempt.
  • Earliest — Uses the student’s first attempt.
  • Average — Uses the mean of the student’s attempts.

NOTE: (B) Bonus Report Groups are indicated with the bonus iconThe Bonus icon is a the Grade Report and don't contribute to the total percent weight of the Grade Report.

In the table of groups in the grade report, one of the groups is denoted with the bonus icon.

  1. The activities available to be added to your Report Group are organized by Unit. Select the check boxes to choose the activities you want to include in the Report Group.

The check boxes beside each activity listed in table form below the report group properties are highlighted.

NOTE: An activity can only be used in 1 Report Group. If already in a Report Group, it will not be available to add to successive Report Groups.

NOTE: The number of activities that you selected to be in the Report Group will displayed in the Assignments column of the Grade Report Summary page once you save your Report Group to the Grade Report.

For a group in the grade report, the number of assignments in that group is shown in the last column.

  1. Click Save to save the Report Group settings.

The save button is highlighted.

  1. The settings of your Grade Report and associated Report Groups are displayed on the Grade Report Summary page. Click Add Group to add more Report Groups as needed for a total weight of 100.0%.

A group is shown in the table on the Edit Grade Report screen, and the Add Group button is highlighted.

NOTE: The Grade Report can’t be saved until the Grade Report has a total weight of 100.0%. The weight value is emphasized (bold and red) until the summed percent weight of the Report Groups is 100.0%.

A group with weight of 60 percent is shown in the table, and the total weight of 60 percent is highlighted.

If you try to save your Grade Report with a Report Group total of less than or more than 100.0%, you will receive an alert. Click OK to exit the alert and correct Report Group(s) as necessary.

Alert pop up which says that the total weight of a grade report must equal 100 percent.

The total weight of a Grade Report excludes Report Groups tagged as Bonus Report Groups.

A group with bonus icon and weight of 60 percent is shown in the table, and the bonus weight of 60 percent is highlighted.

  1. When you have achieved a Grade Report total weight of 100.0%, click Save to save your Grade Report.

The Save button is the third button at the bottom of the Edit Grade Report screen.

TIP: The newest Report Groups are added to the bottom of the Report Group list in the Grade Report. You can change this arrangement by using the Order drop-down list to reorder the Report Groups. The order of the Report Groups on the Grade Report Summary page reflects the order of the Report Groups in the Grade Report when you are viewing your students' grades.

Two groups are shown in the table, and the drop down menu in the first column has numbers to change the order.

TIP: Click Remove in the row of a Report Group to delete it from the Grade Report.

Two groups are shown in the table, and the Remove button in the last column is highlighted.

  1. A success message appears after saving your 100% weighted Grade Report. It is now available to use for determining overall grades.

The message "Grade Report saved successfully" is highlighted at the top of the grade reports page.

NOTE: After you create a Grade Report, it is moved to the bottom of the list of available Grade Reports in the Select Grade Report pane (if you have more than 1 Grade Report available).