Delete a Grade Report

You can delete a Grade Report at anytime.

To delete a Grade Report:

  1. Click Gradebook on the Class Homepage.

The Gradebook menu is the fourth menu option of the main Möbius navigational menu on the Class Homepage.

  1. Click Grade Reports.

The grade reports option is the third option in the gradebook menu.

  1. Select a Grade Report from the list of available Grade Reports.

In the Select Grade Report list, one of the three reports in the list is highlighted with the cursor.

  1. Click Delete.

The delete button is the fifth button at the bottom of the grade reports page.

  1. Click OK to confirm the deletion of the Grade Report.

Pop up window "Press OK to confirm delete" and the Delete button is highlighted

  1. The Grade Report is deleted from your list of available Grade Reports in the Select Grade Report pane.

Only two reports are listed in the Select Grade Report list.