Change the display language of Möbius

The language used by the Möbius user interface (Example — buttons, menus, etc.) is determined by the preferred language of your web browser or operating system.

The Möbius platform doesn't have its own display language setting; this information is pulled from the web browser or operating system that you're using to access Möbius.

NOTE: Möbius content can be authored in any language as desired by the content author. Changing the language of your browser or operating system won't change the display language that the content has been authored in.

The following languages are officially supported in the Möbius user interface:

  • Simplified Chinese
  • English (United States)
  • French
  • German
  • Italian
  • Japanese
  • Spanish (Latin America)

Each web browser and operating system has a unique set of instructions for changing the display language.

TIP: If you're having trouble with changing the language, try the following:

  • Ensure that you're using a browser officially recommended for Möbius (Google ChromeTM or Safari®)
  • Ensure that you've selected an officially supported language (Example — English (United States) or English (Australia) in Google ChromeTM)
  • Clear your browser cache for the Möbius site (check out Clear my browser cache)
  • Restart your browser and/or device after making changes to your language settings

Change the language for your android device

Using an android device to access Möbius? Check out Change the language of your android device.

Change the language for your Apple device

Using a Mac to access Möbius? Check out Change the language of your Mac.

Using an iPad or iPhone to access Möbius? Check out Change the language of your iPhone or iPad.

NOTE: You must change the language of your device (Example — Mac, iPad, or iPhone) when using MacOS or iOS in order to change the web browser language.

Change the language for Google Chrome

NOTE: You can't change your Google Chrome language settings from within Chrome if you're using a Mac to access Möbius. Check out the Change the language for your Apple device section of this help topic.

Using Google Chrome to access Möbius? Check out Change the language of your Google Chrome browser.

NOTE: The Möbius user interface will display in the language that's highest in the Order languages based on your preference list at step 9 of the referenced link. Click the More Actions option Chrome menu button beside each listed language and click Move to the top, Move up, or Move down in the Google Chrome Languages window to re-order your languages if needed.

What's next?

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