Change my password

Your Möbius password can be changed at anytime.

TIP: Here are some best practices when it comes to your password:

  • Change your password often to keep your account secure.
  • Never share your password with other users.
  • Use caution when entering your password in front of other users.

To change your password:

  1. Click your name to go to your profile settings.

Your name link is between the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy link and the Logout link in the top navigation bar.

  1. Click Password Update in the User Details pane.

The "Password Update" option is the second option in the User Details pane.

  1. Define your new custom password.

Your new password is entered in the first field on the Password Update page.

TIP: Your new case-sensitive password should:

  • Be at least five characters long
  • Include both upper case and lower case letters
  • Contain at least one special character (Example1-9, !, *, _, etc)
  • NOT include a word in the dictionary
  • NOT include accented characters (Exampleö, é, etc)
  1. Re-enter your password for confirmation.

Your new password is re-entered in the second field on the Password Update page.

  1. Click Submit.

The "Submit" button is the first button after the Confirm Password field.

  1. A success message appears that your password has been updated.

The message of "User password has been successfully updated" is displayed on the User Details page when the password is successfully changed.