Enter equivalent responses

Möbius recognizes equivalent responses by default.

This behavior is controlled by your instructor in the event that the learning objective of a particular question is for you to demonstrate an understanding of the equivalent expression.

Equivalent responses can be:

  • Algebraic equivalence (Example — If the answer to a question is (t+1)2, a response of (t+1)2 or (t2 + 2t + 1) is graded as correct)
  • Equation equivalence (Examplex2 + 1 = y is equivalent to y-1 = x2 and is graded as correct)
  • Numeric equivalence (Example1/2 is equivalent to 3/6 and is equivalent to 0.5 or 5E-1 and is graded as correct)
  • Unit equivalence (Example10000 cm2 is equivalent to 1 m2 and is graded as correct)

NOTE: Read your question instructions carefully and be sure to enter an appropriate response (Example — if the question asks you to simplify an algebraic expression, you're expected to enter the simplified expression; not the unsimplified expression).