Preview my response on a plot

For certain questions, you're able to preview your response on a plot.

This plot preview can be used to ensure that you've correctly entered your math response such that it will be correctly interpreted by Möbius.

To preview your plotted response:

  1. Click the plot iconThe "plot" icon is the letter P on a piece of paper.beside the response entry field.

The "plot" icon is the last icon listed to the right of the response area.

  1. Your response displays on a pop-up plot.

A sample plot is shown based on an entered Text Mode response.

NOTE: If your resulting plot shows an error, you might be outside of the domain and range of the function or there's a syntax error with your entry.

An empty plot preview is shown.

Check out Enter my response with proper math syntax for tips on math entry in Möbius.

  1. Click Close to exit the plot preview and return to the response entry field.

The "Close" button is the only button within the plot preview modal.