View my graded external documents

You can view the grades for external documents that you've historically submitted.

These types of external document submissions relate to questions where:

  • You clicked Choose File from within the activity question to directly upload the file from within Möbius.
  • You sent a document directly to your instructor (Example — an email to your instructor from your school email account) while referencing a document code.

TIP: Check out View my Document Upload page to view your external document submissions relating to document codes.

TIP: Remember that external document uploads require manual grading by your instructor and this can take some time. Your grades for external document uploads aren't visible in the Gradebook right away.

View your past document submissions

To view the grades of your past document submissions:

  1. Click Gradebook on the Class Homepage.

The student Gradebook menu is the first menu on the Student Class Homepage.

  1. Click View Past Results.

"View Past Results" is the first menu option in the student Gradebook menu.

  1. Select the unit that the document submission is contained in.

The list of available units is the first list in the "Select Lessons & Assignments" pane.

  1. Select the activity that the document submission is contained in.

The available activities is the second list of the "Select Lessons & Assignments" pane.

TIP: Use the Filter Results pane to refine the search results that are displayed. Check out View my past grades to review how to use these filters.

The Filter Results pane contains the "Results" drop-down list, "Progress" drop-down list, "Date from" field, and "Date to" field.

  1. Click Search.

The "Search" button is the first button after the View Panel results table.

  1. All of the attempts at the selected activity are displayed. Click Details on an attempt that you want to view.

The "Details" link is listed in the "Details" column of the search results table in the View Panel.

  1. You're navigated to the Question Details page where you can view:

The "Question Details" view shows the score, instructor comments, part grade, total grade and clickable document upload response.

A. Score — Your total grade for the question.

B. Instructor comments — Comments that your instructor included about your document submission.

C. Part grade — Your score on the document submission part of the question.

D. Total grade — Your total grade calculation that appears in A and incorporates any partial grades for the question.

E. Uploaded document — The document that has been uploaded for the question.

NOTE: If your instructor has manually overridden the (D) total grade, you'll see a message that explains this override.

Manually graded message: "The awarded grade for this question has been manually entered and has overridden the actual calculated grade."

NOTE: (B) Instructor comments are only visible if your instructor decides to include a comment.

NOTE: The (E) uploaded document can either be:

  • A document that you uploaded directly into the question's response area using the Choose File button
  • A document that you sent to your instructor that references a document code that they uploaded into Möbius on your behalf.

TIP: Click on the name of a document upload to preview it in a new browser tab.

The uploaded document button in the "Your response" cell of the "Question Details" view can be clicked for preview.

NOTE: If your instructor hasn't finished manually grading your external document upload, then the Annotated Response radio button won't be visible in the View selector area.

The "Annotated Response" option isn't available in the Question pane.

The Annotated Response radio button will appear when the document upload has been graded.

The "Annotated Response" radio button appears before the "Original Response" radio button if the uploaded document is graded.

NOTE: Document upload questions display the correct response as: (This question will be graded by your instructor.). However, depending on how your instructor defined the Show Correct Answer property for the activity, this will determine whether this message is displayed. Example — If your instructor has set the Show Correct Answer property as Always, then you'll view:

The message "This question will be graded by your instructor" appears in the correct answer cell of the Question Details pane if "Show Correct Answer" is enabled.

If your instructor has set the Show Correct Answer property to Never, then the correct response will be empty.

The correct answer cell of the Question Details pane is empty if "Show Correct Answer" is disabled.