View my grades as a Grade Report

Your instructor can create Grade Reports for you to view that consist of the grades from multiple class activities.

Grade Report — A compilation of grades from a pre-defined group of activities that are used to calculate an overall grade.

Grade Reports consist of Report Groups.

Report Group — A subset of activities of a Grade Report with defined parameters that determine how the overall grade of the Grade Report is calculated.

NOTE: A Grade Report can contain several Report Groups.

Grade Reports can be used to display:

  • Your performance on a specific subset of activities.
  • How your final grade for your class is calculated.

To view a Grade Report

To view a Grade Report that has been designed by your instructor:

  1. Click Gradebook on the Class Homepage.

The student Gradebook menu is the first menu on the Student Class Homepage.

  1. Click Grade Reports.

"Grade Reports" is the second option of the student Gradebook menu.

  1. Select a Grade Report from the Select Grade Report pane.

Available Grade Reports are listed in the Select Grade Report pane.

NOTE: You can only view one Grade Report at a time.

  1. Choose to customize the Grade Report display using the View Panel options:

User data and summary data options are available to select what is displayed on a Grade Report.

  • Use the Style drop-down list to select what type of grade presentation you would like:

The three options of the grade presentation style drop-down list are shown as numeric, percentage, and letter.

  • Numeric (selected by default) (Example7.6/9.0)
  • Percentage (Example84%)
  • Letter (ExampleB+)

NOTE: The conversion of percentage to letter grades is as follows:

Conversion between letter grades and percentages are as follows: A+= greater than 93%, A= greater than 90%, A-= greater than 87%, B+= greater than 83%, B= greater than 80%, B-= greater than 77%, C+= greater than 73%, C= greater than 70%, C-= greater than 67%, D+= greater than 63%, D= greater than 60%, D-= greater than 57%, f= less than or equal to 57%.


Percentage grades that are exactly at a breakpoint might receive either the higher or lower letter grade due to Möbius rounding.

  • Select which User Data you want to appear on the Grade Report by selecting the check boxes:

The user data that can be selected to appear on a Grade Report are: class name, middle initial, login, email, last name, student ID, given name, and custom fields.

  • Class Name — Displays the name of the class that contains this Grade Report.
  • MI — Displays your middle name initial.
  • Login — Displays your username or login name.
  • Email — Displays your Möbius email address.
  • Last Name — Displays your last name (selected by default).
  • Student ID — Displays your student identification number.
  • Given Name — Displays your first name (selected by default).
  • Custom Fields — Displays any additional fields that are associated with your profile (Example — phone number).

TIP: Select the User Data check box to select and deselect all available user data to appear in the Grade Report.

The user data check box will enable or disable all user data display options on Grade Reports.

  • Select which Summary Data you want to appear on the Grade Report by selecting the check boxes:

The summary data that can be selected to appear on a Grade Report are: mean, median, and total points.

  • Mean — Displays the average value of all of the grades included in the Grade Report (selected by default).
  • Median — Displays the middle value of all of the grades included in the Grade Report (selected by default).
  • Total Points — Displays the total number of available points of all of the activities included in the Grade Report (selected by default).

NOTE: Total Points is always displayed in numerical value even if the grade display style isn't numeric.

TIP: Select the Summary Data check box to select and deselect all available summary data to appear in the Grade Report.

The summary data check box will enable or disable all sumamry data display options on Grade Reports.

  1. Click Load.

The "Load" button is the first button after the Grade Report options.

  1. View the Report Groups pane for an outline of the Grade Report structure that has been defined by your instructor.

The Report Groups are displayed in the Report Groups pane and display the group name, percentage weight, remove, use, relative weight, empty grades, bonus, and assignment properties of each Report Group of the Grade Report.

A. Group Name — Name of the Report Group.

B. Weight — Percentage weighting of the Report Group within the Grade Report.

C. Remove — Displays how many activities with the lowest grades in the Report Group are excluded from the Grade Report calculation.

D. Use — Describes which attempt to include in the Grade Report calculation if an activity is attempted more than once.

E. Weight — Determines if each included activity in the Report Group is weighted equally or not for the Grade Report.

F. Empty Grades — Determines how to grade a question with no response.

G. Bonus — Indicates if a Report Group is for bonus marks (notated with the bonus iconThe "Bonus" icon is a gold star.) and doesn't contribute to the overall weight of the Grade Report.

H. Assignments — Indicates how many activities are included in the Report Group.

  1. View the selected Grade Report based on your selected display style, User Data check boxes, and Summary Data check boxes.

The Grade Report displays in table form based on the user data and summary data selections.

A. Grade Report name — The name of the selected Grade Report.

B. Student short form — The first three letters of your last name to help identify the Grade Report.

C. Summary Data with grades — Your grades based on the selected Summary Data check boxes are displayed.

D. User Data with grades — Your information based on the selected User Data check boxes and grade values are displayed.

NOTE: The fields that appear in C and D will vary depending on your selections in step 4.

TIP: You can select a different Grade Report or select or deselect any User Data or Summary Data check boxes. Then click Load to refresh the view of your Grade Report at anytime.

TIP: Click Export to CSV to export your grade results as a CSV file for your personal records.

The "Export to CSV" button is the last button on the page after the "Load" button.