Add a proctor

You can enroll a user as a proctor into your class to promote security and integrity in exam settings.

NOTE: A user with a system role of proctor doesn't need to be enrolled into a specific class to perform proctoring duties. Check out Learn about proctors.

NOTE: If the user that you want to add to your class as a proctor is already enrolled in your class with a different class role (Example — student class role), you'll first have to unenroll the user from your class by removing them. Check out Remove a user to learn how to remove—or unenroll—a user from your class. You'll then be able to add—or re-enroll—the user into your class as a proctor using the instructions in this help topic.

To add a user with a proctor role specific to your class:

  1. Click Class User Manager on the Class Homepage.

The Class User Manager menu is the first menu on the Class Homepage in the main navigation bar.

  1. Click Enroll Users on the Class User Manager menu.

The Enroll Users option is in the Class User Manager menu.

  1. Perform a basic search or advanced search for the user that you want to enroll in your class as a proctor.

A search query of "sbe" is entered in the Search field.

TIP: Check out the sections Basic search or Advanced search within the Search for a user help topic for tips on how to perform a user search.

  1. Click Search to display all users that match your query.

Search is the first button after the search fields.

  1. A table of search results displays all existing users that match your query criteria.

User search results are displayed in the Select users to add pane in table form.

TIP: A user must have a Möbius account to appear in these user search results. If they don't appear in these search results (and they aren't already enrolled in your class with a different class role), check out Create a user to create an account for them so that you can select to add them as a proctor to your class.

  1. Select Proctor from the Roles drop-down list to assign to the user(s) being enrolled into your class as a proctor.

The proctor role is selected from the Roles drop-down list.

  1. Select the check box beside the user(s) that you want to enroll into your class as a proctor.

The check box of the user is selected in the search results table.

TIP: You can select multiple user check boxes to enroll multiple users as proctors simultaneously.

  1. Click Enroll.

The Enroll button is the only button below the user search results table.

  1. A success message appears that the selected users have been enrolled into your class.

A success message appears below the search buttons stating: Users were successfully enrolled in the class.

  1. The added user(s) can now access the Proctor Tools utility for your class. Check out Use Proctor Tools.