Remove an instructor

Instructors can be removed—or unenrolled—from a class at anytime with the following notes:

  • At least one instructor must remain listed for a class at any point in time
  • You can remove yourself as an instructor if you're not listed as the primary instructor
  • The primary instructor can only be removed by choosing a new primary instructor
  • When an instructor is removed from a class, that user will no longer have instructor privileges for that class

TIP: Removing (unenrolling) an instructor from a class is performed at the class level from the Class Homepage.

NOTE: Removing (unenrolling) an instructor from a class isn't deleting them from your organization. Check out Delete a user.

TIP: Check out the User roster file to remove a user in the Remove a user help topic to see how to use a user roster file to remove (unenroll) instructors from a class.

To remove—or unenroll—an instructor from your class:

  1. Click Class User Manager on the Class Homepage of the class you want to remove the instructor from.

The Class User Manager menu is the first menu on the Class Homepage in the main navigation bar.

  1. Click Remove Users on the Class User Manager menu.

The Remove Users option is in the Class User Manager menu on the Class Homepage.

  1. Click Advanced Search.

The Advanced Serach link is after the basic search link below the search and reset fields buttons.

TIP: Check out Search for a user for more details on how to perform basic and advanced searches.

  1. Select Instructor from the User Role list.

Instructor is selected from the User Role drop-down list.

  1. Click Search.

The Search button is after all of the advanced search fields.

  1. A table of search results displays all existing users that match your search query criteria.

Search results are displayed in table form in the Select the users to remove from the class pane.

  1. Select the check box next to the user you want to remove (unenroll).

The first column of the search results table has check boxes for each result.

TIP: Select the Remove check box to select all listed users in the results table.

The first column of the search results table is called Remove and has a check box for remove all.

  1. Click Remove.

The Remove button is located below the table of search results.

  1. A success message appears that the selected users have been removed (unenrolled) from your class.

The "users were successfully removed from the class" success message appears afte the serach buttons.