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Check out these release notes to see what has been added, improved, and fixed within the Möbius platform:


These bugs have been FIXED!

Issue keySummary
MO-12571Resolved an issue with the Activity Grading view where in some cases, a comment is erased after manually changing the grade.
MO-12608Resolved an issue where CSV exports from the Gradebook didn't use the class timezone.
MO-12639Resolved an issue where during a student attempt, the order of questions in an assignment group wasn't randomized.
MO-12647Resolved an issue with displaying question-by-question grades for an adaptive assignment in the Gradebook.
MO-12679Resolved an issue where date filters in the Gradebook didn't use the class timezone.
MO-12691Resolved an issue with date filters in the Gradebook.


This feature has been ADDED!

Issue keySummary
SO-10649The Assignment Importer service allows authors to import written assignments as word documents, and automatically convert the assignment and questions into the Möbius format. Check out Import and convert your assignment document for more details.

These features have been IMPROVED!

Issue keySummary

Security enhancements.

MO-11975Security enhancements for integration services.
MO-11976Security enhancements for integration services.
MO-12137Implemented an email domain check for the student self-registration process.

These bugs have been FIXED!

Issue keySummary
MO-12197Resolved an issue with performance when students attempt an activity for the first time.
MO-12231Resolved an issue where the calendar wasn't correctly showing the assessment due date.
MO-12308Resolved an issue where LTI links weren't mapped correctly after migrating to LTI 1.3 integration in the LMS.


This bug has been FIXED!

Issue keySummary
MO-12356Resolved an issue where grades weren't pushed over an LTI 1.3 connection in some cases.


This feature has been IMPROVED!

Issue keySummary
N/AIn addition to bug fixes and security improvements, excellent work is being done to streamline assignment migration. With the upcoming Content Import feature, existing assessments will be able to be imported into Möbius with ease thanks to: a faster assignment creation process instead of relying on copy-pasting; preserved integrity of math, equations, and images upon import; and response recognition where Möbius will automatically define correct answers based on your imported questions.

This bug has been FIXED!

Issue keySummary
MO-12098Resolved an issue where an HTML question inside an assignment would sometimes prevent the page from loading in Safari.