Import and convert your assignment document

Using the Möbius Assignment Importer, you can import your written assignment from Microsoft Word®, and automatically convert the assignment and questions into the Möbius format.

IMPORTANT: Only Microsoft Word® documents in the .docx file format are accepted by the Möbius Assignment Importer.

Many different ways of formatting your document are supported; ideally you shouldn't need to change the format, as long as the document was prepared for classroom use in mind.

IMPORTANT: The following question types are currently supported by the Assignment Importer:

Open-ended questions are imported as an essay question where answers specified in the document will be converted into question feedback.

TIP: Check out Understand supported formatting for the imported document for more information on how your document should be formatted for importing into Möbius.

Import the document as an assignment

You'll import the assignment document, which contains all your written assignment questions, into the Content Repository for your class.

TIP: Check out Understand the Content Repository for more information on navigating and using the Content Repository.

After importing the assignment document successfully, the resulting Course Module consists of a question group containing all the individual questions from the document, along with an assignment containing all questions in the order presented in the document.

To import and convert your assignment:

  1. Click Content Repository on the Class Homepage.

The content repository menu option is the third option of the instructor main navigation menu.

  1. Click Import in the Content Repository.

The Import button is the second button above the panes, at the top of the Content Repository.

  1. Click Browse.

In the Import popup dialog, the Choose File button is highlighted.

  1. Navigate to the location of the document on your device and select it.

The course module zip file on your computer is highlighted.

NOTE: To import the Microsoft Word® document, it must already be saved to your hard drive, or a network drive accessible through your device's file manager.

  1. Enter the name of the imported assignment as desired.

In the Import popup dialog, a DOCX file has been selected and is listed in the Browse text box. The Import Assignment as text box is highlighted and contains the text "Assignment 01 - Fall 2023".

NOTE: The Assignment Importer doesn't read an assignment name from the contents of the document. It uses the file name of the document by default, unless changed in this step.

  1. Click Import Content to import the assignment.

In the Import popup dialog, the Import Content button is highlighted.

NOTE: You'll see a progress indicator that the file is being imported and processed:

In the Import popup window, Importing is in progress and the Processing the file message is highlighted.

  1. A success message appears that the file has been accepted for processing by the Assignment Importer. You will be notified by email when the conversion and import has been completed.

In the Import popup window, this message is shown: "The file has been accepted. You will be notified when the import is complete."

  1. Click Close to return to the Content Repository view.

In the Import popup window, the Close button is highlighted.

  1. Check your email inbox for notification of the Möbius file import status.

NOTE: No content will be imported if there is an error with converting the document or some other failure. Check out Troubleshoot a failed document import for help with interpreting the email notification and resolving a failed document import.

  1. Once the import is successful, a new unit is created in the Content Repository that contains the imported assignment.

The imported assignment is listed under Lessons & Assignments, inside its own unit named "Assignment 01 - Fall 2023".

NOTE: A Course Module is also created in the Content Repository, containing the imported assignment and questions.

In the Content Repository under Course Modules, there is a new Course Module with the name Assignment 01 - Fall 2023.

Understand supported formatting for the imported document

The Möbius Assignment Importer accepts .docx files in a wide variety of layouts that would typically be prepared for classroom use.

The Möbius Assignment Importer understands a wide range of formats, and in most cases will intelligently infer the questions and answers for the supported question types.

IMPORTANT: Standalone images are extracted from the document and included in the Möbius Course Module, but not charts, shapes or grouped images.

Math entered using the Office Math Equation open format is extracted and converted, but not MathType equations.

TIP: Supported formats and tips are provided below, however the objective is to help you save time by accepting your document as written. Check out Troubleshoot a failed document import for help with resolving any problems with the document import.

Troubleshoot a failed document import

If you're facing difficulties with the Möbius Assignment Importer, using the following base format specification can ensure your document is converted:

  • Each question should start with the question number, followed by a closed-parenthesis.
  • The question text should be written directly after the question number, and then followed by the answer.
  • For multiple choice questions, all choices should start with an alphabetical label followed by a closed-parenthesis, and be labeled in order.
  • For multiple choice questions, an asterisk on the immediate right of the choice should be used to denote the correct answer.

NOTE: It is possible to use indents to create a multiple choice question without a starting question number, and without labels.

Which type of triangle has all sides of equal length?




If the Assignment Importer can't process your document (Example — no correct answers specified for a question) then the email you'll receive from will report the error message(s) and the question that wasn't successfully converted, and no content will be uploaded to your class.

Please try the following steps to troubleshoot issues with your document:

  • Ensure the file has the .docx file extension - older .doc file types aren't supported.
  • Remove any alphabetical labels not associated with multiple choice options (Example — question parts i. and ii. of a numbered question).
  • Remove all bold, underline and italics, and annotate answers using only an asterisk on the immediate right of the correct answer.
  • Remove the cover page, table of contents, and any other sections that wouldn't be required for a Möbius assignment.
  • For very large documents, halve the document size (by moving half the content to a different document) and try converting again.
  • Contact Support with the document and the email notification containing the error message(s).