Use anonymous access

Anonymous access — A setting that allows users to interact with a class's activities without needing to log in to Möbius.

If anonymous access is enabled, you're provided with a URL specific to your organization that permits you to interact with activities in any of the classes listed in the Open Classes pane on the anonymous access System Homepage without logging in to Möbius.

Available classes are listed under the "Open Classes" heading on the anonymous access System Homepage.

NOTE: If anonymous access is enabled for a class, all lessons for that class are accessible to any user. However, the only assignment types available through anonymous access are anonymous practice and study session dialogs.

TIP: If you have Möbius login credentials (Example — user login and password or email and password), you can exit anonymous access at anytime by clicking Login to use Möbius as a registered user. Check out Log in.

The "Login" link is in the top Möbius navigation bar after the "Anonymous User (Guest)" name.

TIP: Want to become a registered Möbius user? Click Create an account on the anonymous access System Homepage and then check out Create an account. This function will only be available if self-registration is enabled for your organization.

The "Create an account" button is shown after the list of open classes on the anonymous access System Homepage.

To use anonymous access

To use anonymous access to interact with class content without logging in to Möbius:

NOTE: Anonymous access might not be enabled for your organization.

  1. Navigate to your provided URL to land on the anonymous access System Homepage for your organization.

The anonymous access System Homepage with classes listed under the "Open Classes" heading.

NOTE: Anonymous User(Guest) appears as your name to indicate that you're using anonymous access.

Your name appears as "Anonymous user (Guest)" with anonymous access in the top navigation bar of Möbius after the "Help" link.

  1. Once you're on the anonymous access System Homepage for your organization, you can click Enter beside any class listed in the Open Classes class list.

Open classes have the "Enter" button on the far right of the pane of their class name.

  1. You're then taken to the Class Homepage for that open class where you can freely navigate any activities that are available to anonymous access users.

The Class Homepage of an open class with the class name, class information, units, and activitites.

What's next?

Now that you've accessed the content on the Class Homepage, you're ready for: