DigitalEd is an online learning company with a simple and resonant purpose: to shape the world through digital learning.

We’ve used our beliefs, values and core pillars of software development to build Möbius, the most innovative and comprehensive learning platform for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.

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What We Do

DigitalEd offers online education solutions designed especially for STEM courses. Our products, powered by Maple™, are uniquely positioned to provide effective tools for online math-based education. Offer frictionless education by innovating ahead of the curve, embracing belonging, meeting learners where they are, celebrating difference and using data insights.

A DigitalEd Zoom meeting and a special DigitalEd pie for pi day

What Drives Our Hearts

What Drives Our Hands

Frictionless Education

Unencumbered access to and ownership of customizable content with seamless integrations across the education technology ecosystem.

Learning Anywhere

Deliver and consume digital assets anywhere, to anyone globally, online and on-demand.

Data-Driven Insights

Discover trends, and present opportunities for enhanced learning experiences, by leveraging a wealth of context-rich data.

Technology Without Compromise

Automate and de-risk global deployment via dynamic cloud-native processes and standards-compliant policies.

DigitalEd Background

We were founded in 2018 by a leadership team passionate about online STEM education and a combined decades of experience in Math learning. Originally an initiative within Maplesoft, DigitalEd benefits from deep roots in the math community. Our flagship product, Möbius, has grown rapidly over the past 5 years and in 2021 we partnered with PSG Equity to continue pushing the boundaries of education technology.

Careers at DigitalEd

DigitalEd Leadership

Marty Callahan

Chief Executive Officer

Christina Perdikoulias


Felipe Garzon

VP, Global Sales & Strategic Partnerships

Chad Vance

VP, Engineering

Rick Burbridge

VP, Finance & Operations

Sandra Allison

VP, People & Culture

DigitalEd is always searching for top talent

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