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The Möbius Boot Camp is a program designed for learners to become successful and confident Möbius users. Learners are instructors, instructional designers, and related roles involved in the authoring and delivery of Möbius lessons and assignments to students.

The program consists of self-directed training courses (called MÖÖCs) and access to expert trainers via virtual in-class sessions.

DigitalEd’s extensive training resources, dedicated trainers, and knowledgeable support staff come together to nurture a learner’s Möbius journey, whether it’s making the switch from traditional pen-and-paper course delivery or transitioning from another digital tool—and any scenario in between!


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The Möbius Boot Camp consists of two types of continuous learning:

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A MOOC (/muːk/) is a Massive Open Online Course, and with a focus on Möbius, this offering is instead playfully called “MÖÖC”: Möbius Öpen Önline Course.

The Onboarding MÖÖC and Advanced MÖÖC are two free self-directed training courses that allow learners to discover Möbius at their own pace with comprehensive instructions, video walkthroughs, and formative assessments to help them become successful at leveraging the platform.

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Virtual In-Class Training

An add-on that learners can purchase to have the opportunity to work with DigitalEd’s Möbius experts through a series of 1-hour virtual sessions.

Through the Virtual In-Class Training, you can gain a deeper understanding of the content covered by the MÖÖCs, giving learners the opportunity to ask questions and connect with other Möbius users.

What topics are covered by the MÖÖCs?

Designed for learners to establish the fundamentals of administering classes and creating content.

Topics covered:

  • Unit 1: Möbius administration basics
  • Unit 2: Creating activities and working with pre-built content
  • Unit 3: Content creation basics
  • Unit 4: Interactive narrative basics

This training is recommended for:

  • Any new Möbius user, even if Möbius is already in use by your colleagues at your institution
  • Anyone interested in taking the Advanced MÖÖC
A Rocket Ship blasting off representing the Onboarding Möbius course
The international Space Station representing the Advanced Möbius Course

Designed for learners who want to elevate their competency in Möbius by learning advanced administration and content authoring topics.

Topics covered:

  • Unit 1: Delivering and administering Möbius courses
  • Unit 2: Creating basic questions deep dive
  • Unit 3: Creating basic algorithmic questions
  • Unit 4: Creating advanced algorithmic questions
  • Unit 5: Using advanced interactivity in Möbius content
  • Unit 6: Creating interactive narratives
  • Unit 7: Creating adaptive content

This training is recommended for existing customers who have already completed the Onboarding MÖÖC and are looking to become Möbius champions by:

  • Deepening their knowledge and understanding of Möbius
  • Sharpening their competencies as longtime Möbius users

Ready to start your journey of becoming a Möbius expert? Get started for free with the Onboarding MÖÖC today!

How is the Virtual In-Class Training structured?

Virtual In-Class Training

  • STUDY: Complete a MÖÖC.
  • ENROLL: Contact or your Customer Success Manager and notify them that you’re ready to purchase the Virtual In-Class Training session that corresponds to the MÖÖC you’ve completed.
  • SCHEDULE: You’ll work with your Customer Success Manager to schedule the bookings for a series of 1-hour virtual sessions with other Möbius users from your institution and around the world who are also interested in these sessions.
  • SUBMIT: Once you’re booked, you’ll submit your questions ahead of time.
  • GROW: During the sessions, your DigitalEd Möbius expert will give detailed explanations to all of the questions submitted by you and your fellow learners, and the DigitalEd Möbius expert will also go through other parts of the MÖÖCs that were challenging. You’ll also have the chance to ask additional questions and network, collaborate, and discuss with other Möbius learners in your session.

With no limits on your attendance of these sessions, you can join as many sessions as you’d like at a frequency that fits your schedule with just a single flat fee.

Interested in enrolling in Virtual In-Class Sessions?

Contact your Customer Success Manager or email