Who we are

We are a team working towards one goal: a better learning experience for students everywhere.

Our platform, Möbius, is an industry-leading e-learning environment backed by a world-class math engine. It’s online courseware that supports the needs of students pursuing studies in the areas of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics.

We believe in the spirit of No Deposit, No Return: if you don’t put anything in, you won’t get anything out. It’s an understanding that you get what you put in to your professional experience, and our careers are what we make of them. 
We’re striving to create a purpose-driven culture, where the experience of working at DigitalEd is more than just a 9 to 5 paycheque. We want to create a workplace that people are proud to be at, and proud to be from. 

Careers at DigitalEd

Our Values


We direct and guide team members towards goal attainment; listening to needs and adapting coaching styles for optimum development.


We seek to learn more and see opportunities where others see challenges. We stay open to new information and ideas and apply them to build on our learnings.


We actively focus on achieving targeted results and objectives, initiating action and owning the outcomes; for better or for worse.


We maintain a positive outlook and effectiveness by adapting to changing circumstances, responsibilities, and people.

Customer Orientation

We understand the importance of delivering value to the customer, and care about issues that affect them; we anticipate their needs and act with their best interest in mind.


We strive for collaborative working relationships, all while building trust and respect for the team’s working agreements. We all contribute actively to a common goal.

Perks and Benefits

We believe employees should have the autonomy to get their job done alongside friendly and driven teammates.

To let people work the best way they know how, DigitalEd aims to take care of the other stuff:

  • Competitive salary
  • Full group benefits health plan
  • Matching retirement savings Plan
  • Paid vacation and personal health days
  • Personal development
  • Pet-friendly office
  • Fully remote or in-office: Your choice

A DigitalEd Zoom meeting and a special DigitalEd pie for pi day

Current Openings

The Candidate Journey

What drives you? We want to know! We’re hiring a person, not a CV, and we aren’t just filling a role – we’re building a team. Not sure if you’re qualified? Apply anyways. We promise to read and review every application that comes through – with a magnifying glass we like to call the ‘Potential Detector’.

If your profile is selected:

We’ll contact you

We’ll schedule a phone call to kick things off. Our phone screens are all about finding out more about you than we can read off your resume. It’s also a good time for you to ask any questions you may have about the role, team, and company culture.

Hiring Manager

From there, we’ll move to a Zoom call with the Hiring Manager. This is where we dive into the role expectations and measures of success, and try to determine if there’s an alignment with your skill set and experience.

Get to know us

We’ll make sure you get the opportunity to meet a few more faces in our team, either from within the team you may join or from People & Culture. It’s important to know who you’re going to work with!


We’ll then ask you to complete a challenge of sorts – something that helps us see how you tackle problems and interpret opportunities.


Before we make our official offer, we’ll speak to a few people you’ve worked with before. We ask for their advice on how to ensure you have a great experience here, what’s the best way to keep you motivated and empowered, etc.

Touch base

Lastly, we’ll touch base one final time to ensure you have a realistic job preview and are feeling good about coming aboard! From there, it’s signatures, confetti and looking ahead to Day 1 of working at DigitalEd 🙂


  • Will the Waterloo team be returning to an in-office work experience when the pandemic is over?

    When it is safe to do so, the Waterloo office will reopen for any employees who want to head back in. Going forward, we’re adopting a ‘choose your own adventure’ model: if employees want to come in, stay home, or work from the cottage – that’s their call. We’re happy to focus on outcomes, not attendance. Our P&C team is ensuring logistics, parameters and guidelines will be in place for this system to work but all in all, a hybrid remote team is our future at DigitalEd.

  • What are some of the benefits and perks of working at DigitalEd?

    We believe people working at DigitalEd should have the autonomy to get their job done alongside friendly, relatable and driven teammates. To let people work the best way they know how we aim to take care of the other stuff:

      • The basics like a full group benefits health plan, a matching retirement savings program, personal health days on top of your vacation entitlement and the opportunity to participate in an equity incentive program.
      • Before COVID came around, we focused on regular food-oriented team events (the Jerk Chicken food truck still holds top spot in our hearts!), having a pet-friendly office space, fostering a parent-friendly environment, and celebrating birthdays with Cake Day. Not to mention we throw mean potlucks. Since COVID impacted our ability to be in office, we’ve all been working remotely since mid-March 2020. We stay connected with a riveting and wildly informative employee newsletter, a company-wide ‘Ask Us Anything’ every week, regular Product Demos and the odd Trivia Team Time every so often—all facilitated through our new best friend, Ms. Zoom.

Accessibility Accommodation

If you require any form of accommodation throughout our conversations, let us know in your application.

Whether it’s turning on closed captioning during the Zoom call, providing tests that are accessible via a screen reader software, or ensuring our entrances and office space are physically accessible and safe, we’ll work to create an accommodation that is appropriate, supportive, and helpful.