Access high-quality content by curriculum
experts to get up and running quickly

Möbius Content Packs offer the best of pre-built, publisher-quality STEM course content and open educational resource (OER) models coupled with boundless customization possibilities so that your content is the perfect fit for your curriculum.

Better content in less time

You can create, maintain, and deploy higher quality digital assets than you could using other tools, and do it in less time.

Explore abstract concepts interactively

Incorporate engaging, enlightening visualizations of concepts, problems, and solutions, through a wide variety of 2-D and 3-D plots and animations that students can modify and explore.

Content delivery that can supplement or fully replace textbooks

Deliver lessons, deploy course notes, videos, slideshows, interactive apps, text, graphs and images. Choose from thousands of questions and leverage the modular content design to ensure your content is easy to reuse, share, and continuously improve upon.

Rich authoring tools powerful multimedia visualizations

Interactive math visualizations to anchor key STEM concepts. Generate powerful visualizations by leveraging a large collection of customizable plots and animations. Provide interactive applications for exploring concepts in ways not available in a traditional classroom.

Start Strong with Möbius Foundations

When you begin your journey of creating interactive and sophisticated STEM content using the innovative technology of the Möbius platform, you can leverage Möbius Foundations; a collection of expert-level content that you’ll have instant and unlimited access to.
Take advantage of pre-built:

  • Lessons
  • Assignments
  • Questions
  • Algorithmic content
  • Onboarding materials
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Möbius Content Foundations being taught to student