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experts to get up and running quickly

Möbius Content Packs offer the best of pre-built, publisher-quality STEM course content and open educational resource (OER) models coupled with boundless customization possibilities so that your content is the perfect fit for your curriculum.

A solid jumping off point

Möbius Content Packs offer a solid jumping off point to get going with creating and delivering your STEM course, providing you with optimal authoring workflows and best practices that you can use to build out the rest of your course materials.

Make it your own

Full privileges to modify content to suit the needs of your curriculum and teaching style, in addition to elevating it with your own authored content.

Don’t compromise on question authoring

Pre-built questions—which include sophisticated grading schemes and algorithms—provide you with thousands of examples for how to ask the right questions for your STEM classes.

Groundwork for a full course

Pre-built lessons and assignments showcase various delivery methods, organizational strategies, and expert-level implementation so that you can understand the different ways Möbius can be leveraged for your students.

Bundled Content

Two students using Möbius for STEM lessons

Möbius Mathematics Readiness

You are entrusted with preparing your students with the skills and knowledge to succeed as they graduate and move on to tertiary education.

How can we provide readiness that accurately measures a student’s capabilities, while maintaining equal accessibility and without causing math anxiety?

Möbius has a robust solution to Math readiness:

  • Student self-assessments and readiness tools like Möbius allow for flexible and dynamic learning pathways that boost confidence
  • A dozen different complex question types that can successfully evaluate student knowledge
  • Adaptive assignments that automatically generate practice questions with immediate feedback and interactive discovery tools
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Start Strong with Möbius Foundations

Great course content starts with a solid foundation—Möbius Foundations, that is!

You’ll have instant and unlimited access to Möbius Foundations; a collection of individual Möbius building blocks that you can use to build out the rest of your course, or, to supplement the content you’ve purchased or already authored.

Take advantage of pre-built:

  • Lessons
  • Assignments
  • Questions
  • Algorithmic content
  • Student and instructor onboarding materials
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Möbius Content Foundations being taught to student