Möbius Student Data Retention

Möbius Student Data Retention Policy

DigitalEd is committed to providing the highest quality of data security and reliability for customers. Your institution may have strict data retention policies which describe what data will be archived, how long it will be kept, and what happens to the data at the end of that period. This may include the secure deletion of old user records. DigitalEd can set up your Möbius site to securely and automatically delete inactive student accounts and test records using the Möbius Student Data Retention Policy.

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Strengthen Your Edtech Ecosystem

We have been certified for LTI Advantage Deep Linking alongside our base LTI 1.3 Core certification to further strengthen our integration offerings. And we’ve made course organization easier than ever with improved course cloning capabilities between Möbius and your LMS.

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STEM Education for Everyone

At DigitalEd we’ve built Möbius using our beliefs, values, and the core pillars of software development. We embrace belonging, celebrate differences, and we meet learners where they are. We believe this includes all STEM learners, including those with diverse accessibility requirements and who use assistive technologies in their daily life.

To make our platform more accessible, we have adopted WCAG 2.0 AA as our baseline standard. The guidelines under WCAG serve to guide the way we approach development, and we will always strive to listen to users’ needs, educate ourselves, and make necessary improvements to our platform. Read more about our commitment to accessibility, including our Voluntary Product Accessibility Template (VPAT) here.

Start Classes Quickly with New Content

We strive to make getting started in Möbius as easy as possible. We now offer over 25 pre-built courses in our Starter Bundle for Möbius and Premium Courseware Packs.

Spanning calculus, linear algebra, statistics, physics, development algebra and more – these Content Packs can be used as-is or you have full permissions to customize them for your course offerings. We also have Template Packs with over 200 pre-built question templates and interactive questions that can be used as question templates.

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