Final Exams— for most of us, we have memories of packing into a classroom, library, lab, or in some cases, a gymnasium, amongst many other students all doing the same thing. While your head is down and you’re scratching away at your exam papers, all you can hear is the occasional cough and the footsteps of people walking up and down the aisles who are simply there to proctor you.

But as we continue to move our lives more and more online, how do we enable proctors to do their jobs when they aren’t even in the same location as a student? Is there even a way to do so? How do we ask students to prove who they say they are? How do we make sure they aren’t trying to cheat? How can we maintain high academic integrity standards in a fully online environment?

Fortunately, Möbius provides the opportunity to not only enable online proctoring of students but also to maintain the high quality of learning materials expected by your students across all disciplines.

  • Learn about best practices in proctoring remote online exams
  • Discover the functionalities that the Möbius Platform provides to help proctor online exams