The COVID-19 pandemic sparked a disruptive shift from face-to-face instruction to emergency remote learning, impacting academia in the U.S. across undergraduate and graduate levels. This study explores the impact these changes have had on higher education faculty in STEM fields.

The report includes survey findings, charts, and commentary based on responses from STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) faculty teaching at the graduate and undergraduate level.  The survey conducted in the Fall of 2020 was designed to investigate and identify real and perceived barriers to moving STEM education online. The report was commissioned by The National Survey on the State of Online STEM Education and conducted by Bay View Analytics.

  • The perceived barriers to providing online STEM education including technology, academic integrity, and student learning and motivation.
  • Equity and the challenges many segments of the student population have faced during the pandemic.
  • Hear from faculty members themselves about their experiences and opinions on the shift to remote teaching in 2020 and what they envision the future of online STEM education can be.