Möbius Grading: The Game Changer for Grading Paper-Based Assessments
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Möbius Grading, powered by Edufide, is for efficient and logical workflows when grading:

Scantron alternative Bubble sheet assessments icon

Bubble sheet assessments

In-person paper-based multiple choice assessments with simplified automatic grading

In-person paper-based assessments

In-person paper-based assessments

Paper submissions with handwritten responses are scanned and can be collaboratively graded using digital annotations

Remote offline assessment PDF upload

Remote offline assessments

Students upload PDF and image files as their submissions that can be collaboratively graded using digital annotations

Professor creating Möbius Grading exam

Design your Möbius Grading assessment to be paper-based or digital.

Deliver the assessment either in-person on paper or remotely in digital form.

Student completing Möbius Grading assignments in person and digitally
Professor collecting and scanning an assessment to be graded by Möbius Grading

Scan in students’ in-person paper-based submissions or students upload their responses as PDFs or image files for remote submissions from right inside Möbius Grading.

Work with your grading team to collaboratively, consistently, and methodically grade student submissions using digital annotations and time-saving auto-grading.

Two professors using Möbius Grade remotely on their laptops

Upgrade from Scantron AND save costs

Möbius Grading eliminates the specialty costs and administrative burdens associated with traditional Scantron exams.

Professor collecting and scanning an assessment to be graded by Möbius Grading

No specialty scanner required

A regular scanner is sufficient for scanning student responses with Möbius Grading

No more additional expense of Scantron bubble sheet papers

Enjoy test booklets with the bubble sheets built into them on regular paper with Möbius Grading

Make corrections to multiple choice questions with the click of a button

No more manual editing of multiple choice questions on every single student submission; correct it once digitally and apply the change across all student submissions with one click

Eliminate the need for manual grade entry

Student submissions automatically match themselves to student accounts and grades automatically sync to your Learning Management System’s gradebook


Grade handwritten responses digitally with precision

Overlay digital comments on students’ handwritten or offline responses with precise positioning on the page for targeted feedback.


Enable your grading team to conquer the workload

Collaborative grading without collision during the grading with grading progress tracked in real-time.


Achieve better learning outcomes

Customizable rubrics and comment libraries, the ability to anonymize and randomize student submissions, and customizable grading keyboard shortcuts for consistent and equitable grading.


Analytics to improve learning and teaching

Detailed data analytics for how your students are doing, how your assessment questions are performing, and how your graders are progressing.


Alleviate logistical headaches

Logistical headaches are eliminated by automatically matching student submissions with their Learning Management System gradebooks, enabling you to use existing PDF or document versions of your assessments, and enabling you to work from templates.


Fine-tune your assessment

Configure your assessments to suit you by controlling the assessment questions, assessment availability, late submission penalties, feedback availability, grader privileges, and more.

Curious instead about grading purely online assessments with Möbius?

Talk to an Account Executive to learn more about how you can deliver sophisticated algorithmic STEM questions entirely online with a robust math engine and automatic grading. Plus, you can offer meaningful and timely feedback to your students and gain valuable insights on student performance.

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